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Custom Copper Tubs from Mexico

At we are a proud manufacturer of bathroom furnishings for home improvement for exclusive renovations and new residential construction. Our strong suit is, however, metalwork and of course among them soaking custom copper tubs from Mexico. There is a long tradition of made-to-order copper tubs and sink craft in Mexico for centuries, even though the common thing to sell are kitchen sets, local artisans know very well how to hammer that noble and everlasting material.

custom copper tubs

The bathroom has conquered the hearts of many of us, giving it the status of the most relaxing room in the house, your spa and chill-out zone. It is no longer space where you would pop up for five minutes shower. That’s why it requires an adequate, elegant and calming where you can picture spending your evening with a glass of wine and some candle lights. Please view the large and small copper bathtubs in our collection. As you do, keep in mind that hammered copper tubs can be modified and perfectly tailored, just for you. If you prefer a different size, shape, depth, have a specific need, have imagined your own design or have seen designer tubs somewhere while traveling, contact us and we will try to make it a reality! We can craft a totally unique a free standing soaking tub from copper.

Personalize your Tub Order

The best way to buy custom copper tubs is requesting a decorator to prepare a blueprints. He/she will be oriented best which decor elements correspond with the rest of bathroom decorations overall. Since made-to-order are fabricated in Mexico of soft metal easy to work with, all possible forms and ideas can be used for their production. In the case of CustomCopper brand, you can use our Custom Copper Home Products site to order your personalized slipper bathtub by sending an email with its drawing attached and any additional information that may be important for its production. After the initial arrangements, your one of a kind design is going to be submitted to the artisan who is going to fabricate it by hand using simple tools.

Tubs Size, Shape and Patina Options

Firstly, you can choose shape, size and patina finish including light, dark, polished and oxidized for the right color for your custom copper tubs from Mexico, depending on what effect you are looking to pursue. If you choose oxidized patina you will get a modern effect for your drop-in tubs. We can figure out what kind of handmade product in your personal ambiance. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a vintage flair, choose darker and fired patina options. Further, there is more decor idea, as the details are defining your style. You can add Mexican ceramic tiles on the bottom of the wall of your Mexican copper tubs. Or order ornamented legs called clawfood bathtub style made of bronze cast as well as colonial tubs with rings that give more Old European style.

Usually but also depending on the complexity of work, it takes four to five weeks to have it finished and delivered from our production facility in Santa Clara del Cobre located in central Mexico to the US mainland buyer. The advantage of custom copper tubs is a low production cost and saving on free shipping.

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