Custom Copper Tubs

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The best way to buy custom copper tubs is requesting an interior architect to design it first. By doing so, it is going to correspond best with the rest of bathroom decorations and style over all. Since custom tubs are made of copper which is soft metal easy to work with, all possible forms and ideas can be used for their production. In case of CustomCopper company, you can use our site to order your personalized bathtub by sending an email with its drawing attached and any additional information that may be important in your mind for its production. After making arrangements, your one of a kind tub design is going to be submitted to the artisan who is going to fabricate it by hand using hammer only. Usually but also depending on the complexity of work it takes four to five weeks to have it finished and delivered from our production facility in Mexico to the US buyer. The advantage of custom copper tubs is low production cost and saving on free shipping.

custom copper tub

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  • Krista Payne on

    Thank you for displaying Diamond Spas Copper Tub that we fabricated for our clients. If you wish to purchase this tub you can visit us at
    We ask that you not use this image to show that you made this tub as this is our copyrighted image. This image belongs to Diamond Spas and must be permitted by the photographer for use of the image.

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