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Hammered Copper Bathtubs

They are not just another piece of furniture in the bathroom. Hand hammered copper bathtubs are a coppersmith statement of luxury and home owner’s unique style. The times got to change and you are no longer obligated to bath in ugly and ordinary white bathtubs. Even if you have a small bathroom, you can still create a luxurious and bold design by rethinking the layout and buying hand hammered copper bathtubs from Mexico. Ordering an unusual shape or size can turn the bathroom into a modern design sanctuary. Our tubs are hammered in many shapes, sizes and designs, therefore, you can fit them in any bathroom layout what provides you unlimited opportunity for ordering rustic bathtubs of your dreams. Obviously a copper is not for everybody but actually, Mexican copper bathtubs are brought back in many ambiances as they can be eye-catching giving a twist in contemporary decorations.

hand hammered copper bathtub from Mexico in a bathroom

This juxtaposition of a traditional look of handmade bathtubs with contemporary materials and appliances will create a wow effect that you are looking for. On the other hand, custom hammered copper bathtubs are a great addition too in more rustic style bathrooms. We can imagine them placed as a central object together with traditional hand painted tiles, perhaps using a mirror with an iron frame or copper oval sinks. You can make a difference by choosing one of our patina options. Today there are plenty of finishes available, from rustic, darker patinas to polished and lustrous, meaning there is a bathtub to suit every style and palette. Our copper bathtubs can get further customization by adding some decorative rings which give them quite an old world or Spanish hacienda feel. However, what you should do first is to decide what kind will work well with your interior. If you have a some space it is suggested to go for drop-in bathtubs. If your bathroom is large enough you may consider buying free-standing copper bathtubs.

The good news is that we can also manufacture a petite version of a product for all the impact of a full-size model in a fraction of the space. This scaled-down a made-to-order freestanding tub gives a smaller bathroom a classical vibe, The beauty of purchasing hand hammered copper bathtubs from Mexico are an opportunity to purchasing it in required dimensions. For example, if your doorway is to narrow for standard or small bathtubs, you can request producing it with a customized width. In that way, whether big or otherwise, you have a chance to covert your bathroom into your own personalized and stunning spa.

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