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Copper Bathtubs and Bathroom Sinks

Copper has been important material in home decor for several seasons. You can now buy stunning copper centerpieces such as hammered copper bathtubs and bathroom sinks that will turn your bathroom into a luxurious getaway. Everybody loves sinking into a great big pedestal bathtub at the end of a long day, but for an even more exclusive soak, try handmade copper bathtubs that you can find on our Web page in any style you can imagine.

copper bathroom sinks

Hand hammered copper bathtubs and bathroom sinks can be a great addition to your house. Whether you prefer traditional hacienda or modern style washbasins, they can be successfully incorporated into any interior design. You can choose them from a grand variety of options. Once you know in which spirit you will keep your bathroom design, you can start a hunt for your ideal products among the existing models or you can also order a customized furnishings. We can manufacture them in custom dimensions and shapes. We produce many vintage hammered copper bathtubs and bathroom sinks, all made individually by our Mexican craftsmen. You can find them with a more farmhouse appeal that will suit into a rustic layout of your bathroom with Mexican tiles or even toilet decorated with pattern of hand-painted talavera. There are many copper bathroom sinks in oval or round shape with hand-hammered designs inside the basin that presents animals, plants, flowers or more ethnic and abstract patterns. However, we also offer many modern bathtubs with simpler, more geometrical shapes and you can always choose the color of your fixtures and in that case, a polished bathtubs or sinks will look amazing in an all-white, contemporary bathroom. It goes to perfection with marble and tiled walls and adds warmth to usually cold-white outlays of the washrooms.

copper bathtubs

You can find all types of sinks including drop-in and undermount. Designer vessel sinks are the latest trend in bathrooms. We are proud to offer many intricate and unique styles. A perfect copper sink is an exclusive finishing touch to any bathroom, and an ideal way to add a little personal flair, whether it’s a private master bath or a less spacious guest bathroom. On the other hand, having a free-standing copper bathtubs a dream-come-true for most of us and we offer many models that can be installed that way. Glossy bathtubs bring a bright burst of to any bathroom and because copper develops a patina finish over time, they'll get even better with age. All those beautifully crafted items take effort and time to be created. Take into an account that it takes around five weeks to produce round and oval bathroom sinks and deliver them from our production facilities in Mexico to the mainland US address.

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