Copper Tubs and Sinks

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Copper tubs and sinks can be a great addition to a bathroom. Whether you prefer traditional hacienda or modern style tubs and sinks made of copper can be successfully incorporated into any bath design. There are a variety of options. You can take a note of the example from this blog post photo where the interior architect used drop-in bathtub and two rectangular sinks. Both furnishings finished with the same color patina. Ordering copper tubs and sinks has its serious advantages. You have a liberty to manufacture them in custom dimensions and shapes. Usually, it takes five weeks to produce bathroom fixtures and deliver from our production facility in Mexico to the mainland US address.

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  • krista payne on

    You are using an image of a copper tub and sink made by Diamond Spas.
    We kindly ask that you do not use our images on your site and would ask that you take this one down immediately.
    Our copper tubs and sinks we make for our company cannot be used on others sites.
    Thank you.

    Krista Payne
    Diamond Spas

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