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Small Copper Bathtubs

Forget about the functional and pragmatic showers, the latest trend for comfort and elegance lovers is a freestanding or drop-in vintage looking bathtubs. Now, you do not even need a spacious bathroom for that, we offer a grand variety of small copper bathtubs that are a great alternative for just another ultra modern, all-white showers. Who knows, you could even place both if you have enough space.

Nowadays homes are designed smaller and bathrooms can be difficult to design and decorate. This is why hammered copper bathtubs have gained popularity lately. Due to their compact size, bathtubs can easily be used to transform a small, half-bath into a full bathroom. Small bathtubs also help free up space and allow homeowners to have a tub rather than just a shower in their or even better have them both. Our Mexican bathtubs that are of one of our flagship products, come in a variety of shapes, colors, patina finishing, sizes and prices. There are virtually lots of available stunning options in the market that you can choose from to create truly personal and most glamorous bathroom decor. Selecting a small copper bathtub can cause you a headache and can be time-consuming as there are normally fewer options for this kind of models, however, our company offers almost all of our copper tubs in 48 inches and we can customize it for even different length.

custom free standing small copper bathtub with clawfoot

While choosing your perfect custom small copper bathtubs as well as a small copper bathroom sink, your existing bathroom design is a great guide in making the decisions on the type, shape, color and first of all style of your new bathtub. The first step to choose your dreamed bathtub is to choose where you want to install it, whether your bathroom has enough space for a double slipper or perhaps you will opt for a smaller, oval copper bathtub to put as a freestanding amazing appliance. However, if you have a look at our collection, you will soon discover that a custom small bathtubs make a big statement. Have a look at our bathtubs “Denver”. Its small size makes it great for any bathroom and the unique, antique metal finish makes it memorable and stylish. The shape is very simple and its double wall will make it a timeless addition to your vintage or rustic bathroom. It makes it easy cleaning as well which is another advantage. With 48 inches, you still can have a double-slipper style such as “Los Angeles” design permits you to enjoy the luxury of a hot bath. A classical copper exterior and interior and comfortable shape make this tub a true standout.

Our custom small copper bathtubs are perfect for a relaxing soak and will make you save a lot of space in your bathroom but still preserve this vintage, farmhouse look you wish to create.

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