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Custom Copper Soaking Tubs

Take a look at the custom made soaking tub available in variety of materials. Since we are a bathroom product supplier, we manufacture custom copper soaking tubs. We do our best to offer them for sale at the most competitive price on the US marketplace. Our made-to-order bathtubs hammered are supplied with various patinas. Some of them are simple and others based on old European designs used often by Spanish in for bathrooms maintained in hacienda style. Those houses are full of Baroque furnishings and rich decorations. There are models with beautiful adds-ons such as rings, silver plated bases and extra finishing touches. For example, they can be covered with coffee patina outside and shinny polished inside. We can also nickel-plate them what always make the bath tub very unique.

Custom Copper Tubs

The impression of many buyers when seeing for the first time custom soaking tubs produced from copper are Wow. I cannot believe how wonderful they are. Indeed, they are breathtaking and can match any bathroom configuration. You can choose from the large variety of rectangular, Japanese, round, diamond shape depending on your requirements or architect vision. By designing the shape corresponding with your body they are going to provide incredible comfort and tranquility that you've never imagined before possible.

Custom copper bathtubs can be divided into a few subcategories. Fabricated as a free standing, grand slipper, soaking and drop-in. Each and every one of them could be manufactured having your personal preferences in mind. It applies to the style as well as size. If you didn't see on our outlet site what you were looking for, get in touch with us by providing a photo of what you like and we will make it for you as individual home improvement project. Important to remember, we do not charge extra for out of ordinary tubs. Our prices are the reflection of amount of material used for their production.

Hammered Copper Tubs

As a specialty item factory based in central Mexico, we focus old world copper bath tubs with sinks and they are often hammered. However, not every hammering technique is equal. The exterior look depends largely on skills of the individual coppersmith and the tool he is using. Strokes embedded into metal can be round with spaces, irregular with proximity, one over portion of another. He can use sharp hammer or bold. Usually, artisans are not capable to create surface features matching his colleague or other supplier. Years of working made them unique in that respect and good eye can distinguish specific techniques. It is like writing characters. It is very difficult to copy, all of us have different way to write letters so the workers hammering.

Single and Double Slipper Tubs

What exactly we are talking about when indicating single, soaking or double slipper tubs? Well, the first terms are related to a number of bathers the tub was designed for. It is usually reflected in the shape. A bathtub for two has both ends higher to support the person back and sides lower for easy getting in and out. Single slippers have front and sides of equal height and the back wall taller. It is not however the requirement. Some styles have the same height around. To accommodate two persons at the same time and provide maximum comfort, the drain hole is located at the bottom center. It could be connected with over-flow tubing preventing water spilling onto the floor.

custom copper tub

If you have any questions or comments about handcrafted copper soaking tubs, please drop us a line or call the number posted on our store front. Regardless the size or style, we offer free shipping for all USA buyers located in lower states.

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