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Copper Slipper Tub

Copper Slipper Tub Origin

First, lets examine what copper slipper tub means and the term roots. It was introduced almost two centuries ago. One or two higher ends added extra comfort when getting in or out. Typically, a slipper tub was poisoned in a middle of the room and water was poured by a bucket. A bathroom needed to be large enough to accommodate copper bathtubs as well persons using them. Nowadays we call those slipper tubs free standing. Since there was no plumbing during at the time, it was pretty much an expensive proposition. Only reach could afforded luxury of slipper tub as they were made of iron and copper. They had no drain.

Sloping edges were and are making easier to recline while you bathe and provide comfortable lounging position when sitting down. Some antique slipper bathtub designs are high enough, they provide relaxing support for your neck and head. In addition, the round rim of the copper slipper tub is often used as an arm rest. Nowadays, slipper tubs are manufactured from cast iron, acrylic and of course copper. They are produced in two versions: single and double-slipper style.

Since realization that using copper has health added value, there was explosion in production volume of metal tubs. The largest production concentrates in Mexico providing easily access for the American consumer to get one relatively quickly at low cost. In case of Custom Copper brand we offer free shipping to any mainland US address.

Easy Copper Tub Care

To begin talking about copper tub care, let’s get it straight what copper offers and what it doesn't. Many of you remember when darkening copper flower pots and tableware needed to be scrubbed and polished on regular bases. It is the reason, many think handmade copper tub will require a lot of maintenance when in fact it is contrary. Made of pure copper slipper tub will require almost no attention as it takes care of itself. The only cleaning you will need to perform, it is rinsing it with water and drying completely after use. From time to time, use regular bath soap and sponge to clean it as you would any other furnishing around your bathroom.

Copper Tub is Antibacterial

During extensive research done on copper scientists in the US discovered amazing characteristics. Large and small copper tub surface eliminates the majority human pathogens just within hundred twenty minutes. Contact with copper makes impossible for the bacteria to stay alive. Other metals do not posses such ability and in time can make the contamination even worse. It means, you will not need to use any disinfectants and antibacterial remedies as your brand new copper tub will take care of it.

Copper Tub Patina Heals Itself

Any grand slipper copper tub as any other tub can be damaged by scratching. The difference is that you do not require to do anything to repair it. Copper has amazing ability to heal itself providing you give a sufficient time to do so. Any surface scratches will begin to darken while blending back into the original finishing color. High quality copper has in fact a living finishing. No doubt it makes copper very different from other metals used around the house. Left untreated, it begins interacting with surrounded environment by deepening its color tones. The process is know as copper aging. Regardless it is hammered copper tub or soaking design it will look even better after years of using it. Unlike other bathroom fixtures that deteriorate in time, copper tub and sink will look better with passing time.

Slipper Tubs from Custom Copper

Custom Copper has designed a unique line of copper tubs handmade by skilled craftsman from Santa Clara del Cobre. This town is the center of hammered copper tub production in North America and the only place copper slipper tubs are produced those days. The tradition of handcrafting copper is long and passed from one generation to other. Most copper slipper tub designs are based on traditional style bathroom fixtures utilized by wealthy segment of population in North America and Europe. Of course, in twenty first century almost anybody can afford it as the copper tub price is no greater than any other high end tub on the market. We use in Mexico sixteen and fourteen gauge metal where the first is thicker. Since the tubs are hammered, the thickness of sheeting the tub is made of may vary depending on the strokes made by the coppersmith while producing the free standing slipper tub.

dobule slipper copper tub

Check out custom copper tub with rings collection and enjoy free delivery within four weeks from placing the order. We cover all border fees including dropping the tub in front of your door.

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