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Hand Hammered Mexican Copper Bathtubs

Latest trends in home decorating show hand hammered Mexican copper bathtubs as alternative for selecting an ideal focal point for your bathroom. Interesting, original and traditional hammered copper bathtubs are a great option. Providing you are looking for upper elegance and functionality. Mexican bathtubs with rings or without them come in a variety of shapes, colors, patina finishing, sizes and no doubt prices. There are virtually lots of available beautiful options in the market that you can choose from. It is not that difficult to create truly personal and unusual or classy elegant bathroom design.

Selecting Mexican copper bathtubs can be difficult and time-consuming. There are so many options available on the market that the latest trends in Mexican bathrooms are offering. Your existing bathroom design is the great guide in making all decisions on the type, shape, color and first of all style. The first step to find your designer copper bathtubs is to decide where you want to install it, whether your bathroom has enough space for a double slipper or perhaps you will opt for a smaller, custom drop-in copper tub to put it in one of the corners of your bathroom. What is indisputable is that this bathroom furnishing will be the statement point.

mexican copper bathtubs

Play with the patina finishes we have in option for your hammered Mexican copper bathtubs and think that the same model decorated with dark or highly polished will give a totally different effect. If you already have chosen the copper, it means you want to go beyond a typical tub and you are considering a unique option. If your bathroom is kept in a vintage style, buy a claw-foot copper bathtubs and leave it free standing for a wow effect. The metal can be finished in a dark varnish and hand hammered for original texture. Add some beautiful ceramic vessel sink, iron-framed mirror, scones and Talavera tiles for further Mexican appeal. If you are one of those people who can spend hours in a bathtub soaking a glass of wine, choose a tub that has one end that is higher than the other to provide support for your back, neck, and head. You can combine it with retro accessories as well or put it in a contemporary environment by choosing a high polished. Most of our copper bathtubs from Mexico have pedestals, some of them are simple and clean, others richly ornamented.

The base raises the bathtubs more or less four inches above the floor and it can also make your brand new tub stand out from the crowd. Within the pedestal tubs, we have stunning double slippers designed in a very colonial style but also Wild West-inspired such as “Charlotte” model. Independently from the style you like, your bathroom will transform into a 5-stars spa-experience with our home improvement hand hammered Mexican copper bathtubs and other luxury products.

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