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Copper Tub for a Small Bathroom

Clear advantage of buying a bathroom furnishings on our Custom Copper online outlet is ability to produce them personalized. If you have a bathroom with limited space, you can easily place the order for a small copper bathtub with us. Please keep in mind that not all tub suppliers are capable of doing so. Only OEM factories what translates into an original equipment manufacturer can do that including our custom copper home improvement products online store. You provide the dimensions and we will fabricate the copper tub the way it best suits your particular room layout and plumbing requirements.

copper tub

Apart of width, height and length of your brand new small copper tub, you the buyer is presented with a number of options. Choose your copper color or have it made with smooth or hammered texture. At the end your small copper tub is going to be a perfect addition to you bathroom space. It is going to be comfortable and presentable becoming instantly its focal point.

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