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Customized Drop-in Copper Bathtubs

Turn your bathroom into an antique paradise and ultimate relaxing spot. If you are reading this article, you have probably already decided to add a customized copper drop-in bathtub in your washroom. It is an excellent choice as far the material as it is aesthetically stunning adding a lot of warmth to your decoration and what is more, is the most hygienic and lasting material you can find. You will be delighted to know that customized drop-in copper bathtubs for a bathroom require no maintenance. Pure metal virtually takes care of itself. To help maintain it, simply rinse with water and dry completely after each use to prevent spotting. Still not sure about placing a customized bathtubs in your bathroom? It has been found that surfaces eliminate about 99% of microbes known to be human pathogens within just two hours. This means that bacteria literally cannot live on the surface of copper bathtubs. Buying rectangular or oval drop-in hammered copper bathtubs from a Mexican based manufacturer is even better idea as traditional work has its origin in prehispanic times and today. It remains home to hundreds of experienced copper smiths.


drop-in copper bathtub

If you are looking for customized drop-in bathtubs don't look any further. Our company specializes in drop-in tub production and there is no extra charge for ordering bath furnishings and accessories. Whether your bathroom is large or small, rustic or modern, copper drop-in bathtubs can be produced in the identical style of existing designs or information provided by your interior designer or home improvement contractor. You can easily customize drop-in bathtubs by using detail page options for size and patina color. If none of the options is what you need, get in touch with us so we can discuss the production of your drop-in bathtubs fabricated of copper in the desired configuration. We would need to see your drawings, tub dimensions and drain location. Once the material is submitted we will come back with the best offer for your requirement.

Since custom drop-in bathtubs from copper which is soft metal easy to work with, all possible forms and ideas can be implemented for their production of your dreamed tub. You can select among shapes, sizes and finish among light, dark, polished and oxidized for the right color for your Mexican bathtubs, depending on what effect you are searching to pursue. If you choose oxidized patina you will get a contemporary effect for your custom made copper bathtubs. We can imagine this kind of appliance in a minimalist ambiance. If, on the other hand, you are fan of vintage flair, try and choose darker and fired patina options. The customized drop-in bathtubs are beautiful pieces to create an inviting, warm feeling to your bathroom. These exquisitely crafted tubs are both delicate in beauty and solid in strength.


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