Customized Drop-in Tub

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If you are looking for a customized drop-in tub don't look any further. Custom Copper specializes in drop-in tub production and there is no extra charge for ordering made to order bath furnishings and accessories. Whether you bathroom is large or small, rustic, hacienda or modern, a copper drop-in tub can be produced in corresponding style based on existing designs as well as data provided by your interior architect or home improvement contractor. You can easily customize any drop-in tub by using detail page options for size and patina color. If non of the options are what you need, get in touch with us so we can discuss production of your customized drop-in tub made of hammered copper in desired configuration. We would need to see your bathroom drawings, tub dimensions and drain location. Once the material has been submitted we will come back with the best offer for your requirement. As it is in case of all our tubs, sinks and counters, delivery to the US destinations is free.

customized copper drop-in tub

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