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Copper Bathtub with Rings

Bathtub Copper Rings

The most characteristic feature of colonial copper bathtub are its rings. Many copper bathtubs from Mexico are decorated with four rings, two on each side. Perhaps they used to be used for moving the tub around a bathroom but nowadays they serve exclusively decorative purpose. The most often sold model is furnished with a four inch tall base and two walls higher than the sides. It is a typical double grand slipper type. Its drain hole is located at the bottom center and it can be furnished with over-flow system. It is made of a system of tubs channeling water from the tub to the house drainage. It prevents flooding the floor and causing damages. Tubs from Santa Clara del Cobre are hammered in sixteen gauge metal. If you want a different material, we can use it upon receiving a specific request. You product can be fabricated from thicker fourteen gauge alloy.

Bathtub Size and Finishing

As the shape of the bathtub may suggest, it can be used by one or two persons. Location of the drain makes it comfortable providing the tub is large enough to accommodate two people. There are six patina options available with any including those Mexican copper bathtubs that are usually decorated with rings. It can be dark coffee, honey, natural, antique, oxidized green and antique. The last choice make copper looking old. The finishing is achieved by washing light patina finish with darker paint. Any design custom copper bathtub with rings is available. You can provide images of existing product to copy and a technical drawing created by your interior architect. Their price depends entirely on the amount of copper needed for the production.

custom copper bathtub with rings

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