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Copper Bathtubs for a Bathroom

Copper bathtubs are produced in many shapes, sizes and styles. The most popular bathtub is a free standing tub with rings. It is made of decorative base presented in variable height walls. Central bathroom and handmade drop-in copper bathtubs from Mexico are hammered and finished with a few basic color patinas. They can be selected along the tub width from the page option menu.

Custom Copper Bathtubs

Beside all standard sizes we sale custom copper bathtubs based on the buyer's instructions. They can be furnished with over-flow systems and a drain hole located in any area of the bathtub bottom. On Custom Copper site you as a buyer will find many designs. Some of them are contemporary and others traditional. In fact, most Mexican bathtubs are handmade using old world production methods. They are hacienda style that was introduced by Spanish colonization force that arrived to America in fourteen century. Among those bathtubs you can easily distinguish typical for the region style. The best proclaimed copper bathtubs are those that can be used for two persons at the same time. Free standing type has two back walls high enough to support seating persons in comfortable position.

free standing copper bathtub in a bathroom

Buying Copper Bathtubs

Buying standard and made-to-order copper bathtubs is easy. At least this term can be applied to Custom Copper internet distributor store. You can purchase the bathtub as it is or have it personalized. The following steps you need to take to make the purchase:

  1. Brows our store to locate soaking bathtub design you like the most.
  2. On tub detail page select its width.
  3. Use patina options to choose bathtub finishing.

Those three steps permit select variables defining your tub general look. If you would like to implement some additional changes send a follow up e-mail describing what exactly you would like to add. Among suggestions and most often used add-ons are requests for cutting the drain in a custom location, producing the bathtubs narrow so they can be brought to the bathroom through exceptionally narrow doors or making the tub back lower. The last request is often present with ordering small copper bathtubs. In any case, we are here to help. Do not hesitate to drop us the line and ask questions prior to purchasing. Copper bathtubs are not cheap so it is better to be well informed prior to clicking add to cart and making the transaction.

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  • What is the shipping cost of copper bathtubs to Atlanta and how long it would take to deliver? Please inform if the tub can be made in custom dimensions. In particular, we are interested in having the bathtub made 30 inches wide with dark patina color.


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