Copper Bathtubs

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Copper bathtubs are produced in many shapes, sizes and styles. The most popular custom copper bathtub is a free standing model with rings. It is made of decorative base and the tub with variable height walls. Copper bathtubs from Mexico are hammered and finished with a few basic color patinas. They can be selected along the tub width from the page option menu. Beside all standard sizes we sale custom copper bathtubs based on the buyer's instructions. They can be furnished with over-flow systems and a drain hole located in any area of the bathtub bottom.

copper bathtubs

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  • Kirk on

    What is the shipping cost of copper bathtubs to Atlanta and how long it would take to deliver? Please inform if the tub can be made in custom dimensions. In particular, we are interested in having the bathtub made 30 inches wide with dark patina color.

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