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Made-to-Order Copper Bathtub

Build your own stunning and relaxing spa in your bathroom by purchasing one of our exclusive made-to-order copper bathtubs. Although they can be designed as drop-ins, made-to-order freestanding copper bathtubs small as well as large are the ones that create the most amazing effect. In addition, their natural patina and handcrafted quality allows for greater variety of design ideas. Please have a look at our extended collection of standard copper bathtubs for inspiration and then check our customization options.

Made-to-order copper bathtubs are manufactured in few places in the world only. Our company is one of the biggest and most reliable supplies and as being located in Santa del Cobre, in central Mexico gives us the opportunity to offer one of the most competitive prices for the highest quality material and metalwork. Buyer have a number of options to customize it with color and dimensions. For example for those homeowners who are dreaming about a copper tubs but are concerned with the size of their washroom, we can supply it especially fabricated for them. In other words, products from Mexico can be used not only in large mansions but also for furnishing a small bathroom.

made-to-order copper bathtub in a bathroom

Copper Bathtub Style

There are two primary style choices for the made-to-order copper bathtubs: soaking or double slipper. The soaking are molded to recreate a spa setting in your home. They are most commonly small (approximately 43"), round or oval, and deep. Double slipper reflects 19th-century sloping designs as they follow the body's natural contours. Buy double slipper copper bathtubs and counter sinks that are traditionally ovals. Adding a decorative base, claw foot legs, or iron rings creates an attractive and unique design element. Other styles of freestanding range from rectangle-shaped that mimic traditional designs, decorative relieves on the bottom of the tub gives them an exclusive touch and add them vintage flair that can vary from Old European style to Wide West vibes.

Once you decide on the shape of your custom copper soaking tub, you have numerous interior and exterior finish choices. For exterior finishes, we offer four patina finish options in a light, dark, fired and polishes patinas. Some bathtubs are accented with decorative rings or reliefs bottom lines to create a unique vintage look.

The bathtubs have been an item that is associated with a relaxing bath and a nice time for yourself, besides that it is also the essence of the space and creates the complete outlook of the interior. The appearance of the bathroom depends on the design of the room but in case of free-standing made-to-order copper bathtubs, the selection is even wider. You can install it in any of the area of your home like in an open spaced bedroom for instance, veranda and patio. The free standing custom copper bathtubs with rings can without any doubt create a bold statement in the bathroom and reflect different style according to personal preferences.

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