Oval Copper Bathroom Sinks

Copper bathroom sinks in the greatest demand are oval. While most of the sinks were desinged for drop-in bathroom cabinet installation some of them can be used as undermount. The difference between both bath sinks is its lip. It can be either flat or round. The first one can be used for placing the copper sink under the counter only. There is also in existence an oval copper bathroom sink in vessel style. Most of them are kind of half drop-in and half over the counter. Why? Part of the sink is dropped into the hole in the counter and its apron supports the sink above it. It measures more less two to four inches while the total depth is about six. All copper bathroom sinks regardless their version come with patina of choice. It can be dark, light, green oxidized or polished. By default all copper bathroom sinks with oval shape are hammered.

Oval Bathroom Sink Delivery

Average sink production including delivery takes four weeks. Our copper bath sinks are shipped directly from the production facility located in state of Michoacan in central Mexico. They are handmade and delivery is free.


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