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Buying Copper Bathroom Sinks Online

Buying brand new plumbing hardware and accessories online? Check out outlet with best round, oval and rectangular large or small copper bathroom sinks. You will note during browsing our Internet store bath sink designs that seam at first imaginable. They include of course Spanish, Mexican, hacienda and country style wash basins. Some of them equipped with over-flow systems. Shop huge inventory of drop-in and undermount sinks with all kinds of patina finish. Most of them are available in substantial quantity for individual  and huge commercial projects with free delivery. There are always a few models on sale offered at the economical price. CustomCopper discount outlet is the source of low priced bathroom products in the US, Mexico and Canada. We also ship to UK, Australia and EU countries but those orders carry extra shipping cost.

Copper Bathroom Sinks Designs

Find great deals for hammered plain and decorated with various designs copper bath sinks. They are hand crafted with matriculates art work and have no extra cost added because of it. Barbed wire, flowers, fish, flower decorations inside look good when corresponding with over all room decorations and house location. For example if you are renovating your cottage, images of water living animals or vegetation as well as sun and moon are the best choices. Occasionally, we were requested to add a company logo embedded including restaurant or bar name. In bath category we carry two sizes, small and large. You will find detailed item description on detail pages with the text. It is recommended to shop while buying a large or small oval copper sink for additional hardware. We offer nice bronze wall and counter faucets that can match closely metal color. Or get a mirror to hand above your vanity with the finishing of your sink.

How to Buy Copper Sinks Online

Buying online copper bathroom sinks from Santa Clara del Cobre is easy. Follow the steps or consult us prior to purchasing in case you have any further questions. It is also better to ask first that to be sorry while paying to return it for refund or exchange.

  1. Brows our bathroom category
  2. By looking at swatches click an image or title of the page
  3. Read detailed description, you will see dimensions indicated in bullets
  4. Choose from the menu sink size
  5. Select patina color option
  6. Proceed to our secure online checkout
  7. We accept paypal payments and amazon pay
  8. If you are in the US, allow four weeks free delivery

buying copper bathroom sinks online

    Copper Bath Sinks added value

    Elegant simplicity of handmade copper sinks is unquestionable. They will enhance your house and add value to it. We can produce counters exactly the same looking. The bath sink can be integrated within the counter so it forms a single piece. We had in the past buyers shopping our outlet who decided to purchased bathtubs and stove hoods with identical finishing.

    Please keep in mind to be able to have products fabricated with the same look, they need to be ordered within a single transaction. You may even obtain a volume discount because of it. Any additional purchase you make in our bathroom department will make your residence more appealing and in case of putting it on the market more valuable.

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