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Copper Kitchen Hoods

No matter if you are a professional cook or amateur, our hammered kitchen hoods will ensure premium ventilation and high-end look. Custom copper kitchen hoods wall and island, apart of being necessary in case you are cooking and frying, are great additions for every cook providing smooth user experience and high quality components which will last for years. The material itself is best quality and flexible metal that will guarantee you the durability and real performance. The copper imparts warmth and luxury that other materials simply do not and it has nothing to envy to stainless steel.

Browse our collection of recirculating air copper range hoods for the perfect appliance your kitchen needs. There are many things to consider for choosing your custom oven hood for a wall or central island. Our company offers so many designs and styles that you will appreciate without a doubt an ideal focal point to your design. Depending on the configuration, copper stove hoods mounted on a wall, incorporated into your cabinets, made part of an overhead canopy or suspended from the ceiling over the kitchen island with a range. Have a thought where you would see your shiny, metallic appliance to catch an eye of your guests and then measure the space (including the height of your ceiling).

custom copper kitchen hood for a wall

You can not find the right size? No problem. All our copper kitchen hoods are customized and due to that precise work any range hood you will purchase, will be unique as produced in required dimensions and designed with the type of finishing you pick. Whether specious or more modest, your kitchen will get the hood it deserves and it will upgrade the layout adding sophistication and lush. We produce custom copper vent hoods for wall and island while keeping the safety and functionality of your kitchen first. The modern design and finishing touches are completed by a highly effective ventilation system which will transform your cooktop or grill area into a clean and safe environment. Additionally, all of our copper appliances can be used for both an electric and gas range.

There are a variety of ways your new copper kitchen hood cover can hit the stage. It really depends on the overall style of your kitchen. Our custom copper vent hood can be designed with many different finishing options with a modern or, on the contrary, vintage type. We specialize in Southern style furniture and appliances such as coppersmith sinks and bathtubs as well as dining tables, but you can also find many contemporary options as well. If your home breathes minimalism, one of our custom copper kitchen hoods for a wall are still your choice as they work perfectly with vast, white spaces or with other metals.

a photograph of a copper range hood with an extractor vent in a kitchen

Just choose simpler and clean shapes of the hood. As far as custom patina option concerns, we would recommend a lighter finish or polished. On the contrary, for a farmhouse’s enthusiasts, we suggest darker patina options and adding some simple lines in various metals that give a country twist. Our copper vents suit wooden cabinets and installed on a bright color wall paint, the personalized island copper hood will become a primary element of your kitchen.

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