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Custom Copper Dining Tables

Custom copper dining tables will become a central piece of any interior design and will give a great opportunities for remodeling your dining room, kitchen or your covered porch. Copper is a unique metal and long-lasting. It is perfect for that piece of furniture that we are using on a daily basis. Custom copper tables for a food consumption with our forged iron base are a must in a Southern-style decoration. They can bring a specific vintage flair to your indoors. We are also manufacturing more industrial modern dining tables design that will add minimalist elegance to your room or eat-in kitchen.

Regardless how big is your room, you will find a right furniture set for you as our replacement copper tables can be actually customized for dimensions, height, shape and appearance. We offer dining tables and tabletops. In general, copper tabletops are produced in standard dimensions, whether they are round, square or rectangular. As an example, our regular round dining tables are 32", 36", 42" 48", 54 and 60 inches in diameter. However, if you require any other size you would need to place an order for a custom copper dining table. No matter if you need a standard size table or a custom made, the production will not take more than four weeks and than we include free delivery to the US mainland clients. We were already fulfilling order of tops as large as 96 inches round.

custom copper dining table

However, it is not only the size that we are able to customize in your unique copper table from Mexico. You have a choice of one of many finishing styles by selecting the best in your case color or have it hand polished. The tops of our custom copper dining tables are available in fired finishing that gives Southern look. There is a dark coffee patina that fits great in vintage style spaces. We also provide honey and light color patina tables that could look good in a hipster restaurant or a more modern designed area. Our brand new addition in dining and the most vanguard effect is our green oxidized patina that, as a matter of fact, can add a very modern look to your table (if the base has also a contemporary appearance). At the same time works incredibly with a antique and rusted design. We can imagine that type of a table in a company of chalk painted, old cupboard and maybe some vintage clock. As you can see our options for custom copper dining tables on the product detail page or simply drop as a line. We do our best to help our clients to make the final and right decision.

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