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Wall Mount Copper Stove Hoods

Wall mount copper stove hoods could be best choice for enhancing your kitchen. Sure it may seam expensive compared with other appliances but consider range hood advantages. Apart from being made of a semi-precious metal, it is offered for sale in many different styles, colors and sizes. While looking for an appliance of such a size, you should think of it as a central piece of your decorating puzzle and our hammered stove hoods will be the winner of this game.

hand hammered wall copper range hood with vintage finishing

You can install copper stove hoods as a wall mount version and that option is pretty much popular for large kitchens. You do need have sizable floor area for a kitchen island design. On the other hand, wall mount stove hoods resemble gracefully in between the cabinets. If you choose wisely your appliance, it can highlight the overall style of your kitchen, adding elegance and charm. Copper is an extraordinary material, long-lasting and incredibly elegant. This metal was mined in Mexico for centuries so it was a natural decision to make our production line in Michoacan region which is the heart of Mexico metalwork including copper-smith production. The location of our plant gives us an advantage over the American or European brands as far as the competitive price is concerned as the workforce is substantially cheaper. However, our staff embrace the tradition of copper craftsmanship and you can expect no less than excellence and more importantly, unique masterpieces of hammered wall mount copper stove hoods that only few can cherish.

wall mount copper stove hood with hammered metal

When using our site, go and select your perfect handmade wall mount copper stove hoods. However, remember that we can make it more “yours” by customizing it according to your requirements. Copper is quite a flexible material which enables a lot of creative space for amenities. All of the vent hoods can be produced in any dimensions and designed in any type of finishing our clients wish. Furthermore, we can decorate them by incorporating straps, make a crown-molding from different handcrafted metal and even convert the appliance into recirculating type. Our all hammered wall mount copper stove hoods are available in rustic natural fired finishing that creates a more Southern look. You can also pick a dark coffee patina that fits excellently in a vintage style kitchen. You can have it done in light patina washed with dark paint. It makes the customized copper range hoods appear older than it is. Our latest inclusion in the hammered wall mount copper stove hoods decoration and the most versatile natural green that can work for both very modern interior as well as in a vintage, rusted design. Last but not least, we can customize it for your own hood extractor or add our discounted vent equipment furnished with a fan, lights and washable filter meant for removing smelly air from the room and pushing it outside the house.

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