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Customized Copper Hood Covers

Customized copper hood covers are your style statement apart being very practical. Why should you include among other large appliances furnishing your kitchen a handmade copper vent hood? Considering its versatile options such as color, texture and fully customizable, you can not go wrong with a made-to-order stove hood.

  • Customized measurements
  • Patina options
  • Make cover ready for a vent insert

Personalized Copper Hood Dimensions

Hood Width

Our talented coppersmith stuff form Santa Clara del Cobre has produced a lot of coocktop hood covers for custom kitchens. There is a substantial experience in working with architects and interior decorators. Together, we will come up with the best option for your architectural concept and build a fully functional or ductless copper range hood fulfilling your expectations and matching room design. There are a few accepts to be considered during pre-production planning. First, it is to make it with the dimensions that will allow easy installation and match the concept. Ask yourself a question, do you want it to be a focal point or just another appliance around while alternative furnishing piece is playing a central role? If you want and many buyers do prefer the first variant, your hood should be as large as possible. Consider space available between your cabinets while leaving an inch from both sides so you can access them for periodical cleaning.

Hood Height and Depth

Its height depends on style. Some customers prefer to have its top chimney or crown molding reaching the ceiling and others prefer it suspended below. Of course, it if is under cabinet model it always goes up to the bottom of the furniture. Those two choices are obvious when we are talking about wall mount. What about central island version? In vast majority of home improvement projects we participated, it was attached to the ceiling.

customized copper kitchen island range hood

Occasionally, we were producing island hoods that were hanged using iron chains. If you are decorating hacienda, you me like such a design. Some Spanish, country and old European concepts incorporated suspended range hoods. In general, they are of the same width as the stove they vent, depth could be smaller. Standard is twenty four inches and it can be customized according to your request.

Personalizing Range Hood Finishing

There are six main patina finishing that we offer to our buyers. Those are coffee, honey, natural, antique, polished and oxidized. The last finish is quite interesting. Metal when exposed to air is getting darker but there are ways to have it go to green. We expose it to salts to generate that effect in short period of time so there is no need to wait a few years to see the color. Then, we protect the surface with clear varnish to prevent further process taking place.

Most patinas can be handcrafted dark or light and they are never copies of each other. If you already have in your home for example a farmhouse copper kitchen sink or a table and now would like to order a matching covering range hood, it may not be possible to get exactly the same tones. Both products need to be processed simultaneously to obtain equal look. We always do our best to have them close in appearance but there is no guaranty we can achieve it when applying separately.

custom copper hood for a kitchen

If you are ordering a bigger size, we suggest searching online for a know brand extractor manufacturer's outlet. There are several specialized companies operating in the US. Among them ventahood, braoan, zline, proline. Their equipment comes in all standard sizes and our custom copper covers can be made for it. Once you made the purchase send as a message informing about model number of your choice. We will fabricate a special chassis supporting your ventilation equipment inside the hood. Otherwise, you would need to spend way more for a linear from the same supplier facilitating its accommodation inside.

Ordering Customized Hood Covers

customized copper range hood

A handmade appliances expertly crafted from the best recycled metal according to the top standards will do more than remove cooking fumes and airborne particles from your kitchen and dining areas. It will transform your house from ordinary to extraordinary while increasing its value. If you are looking for a brand new customized copper hood extractor covers or would like to use one of our ready designs get in touch with us with details.


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