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Customization of a Copper Range Hood

CustomCopper brand specializes in customization of copper range hood products for wall and kitchen island installation. Depending on the material you choose you can obtain incredibly original designs in rustic, farmer or more modern, industrial one. The copper range hood covers can be fabricated of hammered copper, smooth and treated with various patinas giving it a more vintage look. The production is made of all sizes including height, depth and length.

Appliance Characteristics

While shopping at our site, you can order customization done on your copper hood in personalized patina color and appliance size. Any of our wall and island copper hoods designs can be manufactured as a wall mount or island, depending on the design of the homeowner taste. If you are considering buying one of our custom range hoods and have it customized, you should take into account all measurements and characteristics beyond its height, width and depth. If you are purchasing, make sure that the distance between your cabinets is precisely taken so there is no problem with installing the insert range hood between them. Elements such as moldings and hood trims need to be considered as they add space to the overall size. Now, depending on the finishing, it could be looking more contemporary or include some country house touch. When installing a traditional appliance, it may be handmade from smooth copper finished with darker patina, coffee or antique. They without doubt offer many interesting choices. The unique version is achieved by smoothing the surface with darker paints. It makes the mixed metal hood old farmhouse looking.

Range Hood Style

Some buyers prefer modern and other traditional style appliances. When designing a room in Southern style, installing a hood with metal straps is the best option to add Spanish character. They can be manufactured of a variety of materials including other colour copper installed vertically, horizontally or both. Further to it, they can be decorated with rivets and nails. All vent hoods from copper are offered for sale in distressed and hammered finishing. We can even add our discount hood insert equipped with 200 CFM fan, light and filter or undertake customization of the hood interior for your own exhaust equipment. What is most important, we will manufacture personalized copper hood with the decoration you want and we use your interior architect's instructions for a custom made range hood.

customizing a copper range hood

Our vent and hand crafted ductless range hoods can be installed with both natural gas and electric stoves. The capacity of the ventilator will depend on your necessity, space to extract air and whether your fan motor is going to be installed within the hood or up in the attic.

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  • I would like to know if you can make this range with my own measurements?
    And I wonder if you can make it in different colors; and in the case you can, which would be the finishing?


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