Ductless Range Hood

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Many buyers living in condominiums and average size family houses look for a ductless range hood. Many range hood models are made either ductless sometimes called recirculating or venting outside the kitchen through the house exhaust system. While the second hood appliance group is quite extensive, the first has very limited number of designs. It is not the case when considering Custom Copper range hood. Any of our units including the largest wall mount and central island type can be produced as a ductless range hood upon receiving such a request.

Once you purchased the hood on our site simply send a follow up email with the order number instructing us to have your copper range hood fabricated as such. There is no extra cost nor time needed for the production. The only condition is that you will need to use our discount vent insert with 200CFM fan in order to customize the hood for recirculating air back to the kitchen.

ductless copper range hood

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