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Ductless Copper Range Hood Option

Imagine that you do not have to limit yourself about where to install your new ductless copper range hood option. Perhaps your kitchen does not present the possibility to move the air out of the kitchen and you are thinking that you will be forced to buy a ductless copper range hood that is not your cup of tea. We have some good news for you. Ductless hoods for a wall application can be installed almost anywhere. Since they don’t need to vent to your home’s exterior and are ductless, it is not obligatory to install them exclusively where there is a duct. This hood work by filtering the air they suck in and then blowing it back out into the room, essentially using a recirculation process.

ductless copper range hood

Many buyers living in condominiums and average size family houses look for a ductless copper range hood custom made. Many range hood designs are made either ductless, sometimes called recirculating or venting outside the kitchen through the house exhaust system. While the second hood appliance group is quite extensive, the first has a very limited number of designs. However, now you do not have to be concerned about purchasing a copper range hood that does not suit your interiors as any of our styles, including even the largest wall mount and central island type, can be produced as a wall ductless copper range hood option upon a request. We specialize in stunning custom-made hoods covers produced in different long-lasting and stylish metals for a variety of kitchen styles such as a comfy farmhouse or rustic or minimalist contemporary one.

Therefore, now you can get a range hood you have been dreaming about but with all the advantages of venting back filtered air to a kitchen. A ductless copper hood for an oven has the convenience of being a bit more versatile than the ducked one and can be installed just about anywhere you want. Because an island or wall mount recirculating copper range hood merely filters and then recirculates air throughout the kitchen, you do not need to worry about installing it near any pipe or ducts that reach the outside. If your idea is to place your new vent hood in some particular spot in your kitchen where unfortunately there are no ducts or perhaps you just prefer a ductless option because you do not want to do all the installation or you consider that the pipes will impoverish the final look of your kitchen, choose the most favorable model of our kitchen copper range hoods. In this way, a wall ductless copper range hood option can be more opportune than a ducked system, at least as far as the installation concerns.

Once you purchased the hood on our site simply send a follow-up email with the order number instructing us to have your copper range hood fabricated in Mexico with a ductless option. There is no extra cost nor time needed for the production. The only condition is that you will need to use our discount vent insert with 200 CFM fan in order to customize the hood for recirculating air back to the kitchen.

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  • Hi, I’m interested in a copper ductless wall hood range. Measurements would be 30" wide by 6" high. Would your design include everything including fan, lights, etc? Some detail in the design please.
    Thank you,

    Carlo Punturiero

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