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Copper Kitchen Hood with a built-in Extractor

A kitchen is a place where all the magic is happening. We prepare at least three dishes a day, we chat, we make homework and even watch television while having dinner. You want this room to be as clean and ventilated as you can. Many countries require installing a kitchen extractor fan, others leave it as a free option of the owner but once you are creating a kitchen of your dreams you would not ignore such an important appliance. And if we additionally tell you that your copper hood extractor vent can become a focal point of this room, wouldn't you like to choose the fanciest on the market?

We are a very reliable copper appliances manufacturer. Our company has been producing furnishings since 2002 and beside copper hood extractor output for a stove with oven, we supply custom made and exclusive bathtubs, tabletops and sinks. We love working with this high-quality metal as it has so many beneficial characteristics. First of all, it is a quite flexible which gives us the opportunity to create amazing solutions for our clients. For many years of the copper hood extractor’s production, we have developed some of the most incredible ways to decorate this product by adding various patina options and letting our imagination run wild during the process of the hammering. Many of our items are influenced by a Southern and more rustic style and we have been producing and selling thousands of copper hood extractor products for the USA, Canada and Mexico conquering this competitive market with many satisfied customers.

photo of a copper hood extractor in a kitchen

We are confident that any insert copper hood extractor is able to steal the show. We are proud to say that we evolve with the market, always having an eye on new trends and some of them we sell were co-designs and suggestions of our clients. Therefore go and check our vast collection of copper hood cover for appliances and for sure you will find something that will suit your taste. Our company specialize in appliances customization so if the standard sizes are no good for you, we can order any copper hood with a built-in extractor from Mexico. However, the measurements are not everything we can adjust, the design choices are also incredibly versatile. Each island and wall mount kitchen hood varies in style and small details that make them one of the kind. You can select among four patina finishing options and last but not least, add some decorative details in any metal you wish.

The moment when your new hammered copper kitchen hood with a built-in extractor is delivered and you can actually see the wonderful work and all the beautiful details of the design, you know you have made the right decision. Owning such an unconventional and luxurious appliance makes your kitchen stand out from the crowd and is upgrading the whole layout.

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  • Hi. What are your prices for the hoods. The one on the picture above. And shipping to Ireland. Thanks Colm o Neill

    Colm o Neill

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