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Made-to-Order Copper Kitchen Hood Extractors

Our custom copper hood kitchen extractors offer full customization. Now, you will not have to worry that a model you have dreamed of not fitting in to available space. You can either choose a unique range hood in standard size or send us width, and height that you need. Our production team will custom manufacture it for you.

copper kitchen hood extractors

Our company has been fabricating home furnishings since 2002 and beside extractors, we supply exclusive custom drop-in sinks, small copper bathtubs, country round dining tables and many more unique products. Being located in Mexico, our products’ designs are influenced by a Southern flavour and we have been producing copper kitchen extractors for the USA, mostly the states along the border. In those regions Mexican design is popular and cherished. Furthermore, our base which is San Miguel de Allende embraces the tradition of craftsmanship so you can expect high-quality products done by professional staff.

No doubt a copper kitchen extractor will become a key element in your house, the one you see first while walking into the room and steal the show!. Also, an appliance of such large size adds the final flair to the style you have chosen. It does not only have to give this equipment specific appearance but by including some stripes and choosing the right patina it can become the minimalist keynote in the eating area. There are a lot of pretty ways to design around your copper kitchen extractors. You can make it the focal point of your kitchen with statement or let it blend with an under cabinet vent, or even leave the chimney exposed for a clean industrial look. Imagine a rich mix of all-white kitchen and a spacious hood placed in the central area of the room. An oven copper hood looks great against the textured plain Mexican tiles backsplash for instance.

Our copper extractors can be wall mount or island. We specializes in professional metalwork in different materials such as wrought iron or zinc but copper models are our flagship products. We produce for the most part customized copper range hoods. The structure of the vent hood is produced the same way but after that, it is covered with the metal of your choice. Each of them has distinct finishing methods. For example, smooth or hammered kitchen extractors can be finished antique or polished.

To buy our copper kitchen extractors simply go to the detail page and choose the shape you like the most. Having chosen the right shape, using drop-down menu determine which color you want. Whether you are a rustic farmhouse devotee or you like to experiment a little bid, you can always count on a customized copper hood to add the extra elegance and remember being functional, it doesn't mean it can't look stunning, especially if it is made-to-order.

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