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Copper Kitchen Extractor

If you looking to upgrade your kitchen, a copper extractor will be eye candy for anyone. It brings elegance apart from being functional. Nowadays, extractor hoods are for sale in all shapes providing a great statement or blend with the kitchen surroundings. The design options are infinite if you check our custom copper range hood collection.

We are a reliable copper extractor manufacturer. The company has been producing metal furnishings since 2002 and beside them, we supply exclusive old fashion stand alone bathtubs and sinks. As the Mexican enterprise, many of our items are influenced by a Southern and hacienda style. We are manufacturing and selling kitchen extractor products in the USA for years, conquering this market with thousands of satisfied clients. Moreover, our base which is the beautiful city of Santa Clara del Cobre embraces the tradition so we are proud to say that our workers continue this incredible and arduous copper hammering. No doubt, they offer the highest quality hood output by the most professional staff.

Our kitchen hood extractor is able to steal the show. It will become a key element in the room and the envy of all your friends. So don't wait any longer, examine our vast selection of hood inserts with fans and for sure you will find something that will suit your taste. Our firm specialize in made to order projects among them dining tables so do not worry if the standard sizes are no good for you. We can personalize our models but it does not finish with the measurements. Providing instructions how to install them is part of the deal. The designs are also incredibly versatile. Each varies in appearance and small details that make them one of the kind. You can choose among four patina finishing and last but not least, add some decorative details if you wish.

copper kitchen extractor

Whether you are a rustic devotee or you are into modern solutions, we have an extractor specifications you need. An appliance of such large size adds the final flair to the style you have chosen. By choosing the right patina it can either add a Texas vibe to your kitchen or, on the other hand, transform your home into the temple of avant-garde. Imagine a rich mix of all-white space and a hacienda copper hood placed in the central area. Our extractors are also a perfect choice for a restaurant open kitchen where your guests could see the beauty of craftsmanship. You can make it the central point or incorporate with an under cabinet vent. You may consider leaving a chimney exposed for a clean industrial look. Our extractors can be wall mount or island.

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