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Copper Kitchen Hoods for a Wall

There are a lot of amazing and ingenious ways to design your kitchen copper hood. You can make it the focal point of your kitchen with statement metal or decorative wood that can be painted in the color of choice, let it blend with an under cabinet vent, or leave the copper hood cover exposed for a clean industrial look between the furniture with a wall hood.

The common and remarkable option would be a wall mount type, especially if you do not have enough space for an island. An appliance of such size will always add the final flair to your style so before choosing a copper hood for wall for above your oven, think which style your kitchen will be kept. Our collection of copper kitchen wall hoods offers a vast range of models encompassing all styles you can imagine. As copper is such a versatile metal, choosing the right patina finishing can change totally the final appearance of your custom range hood.

copper kitchen hood for a wall

For each of our copper insert hood designs, you can display the menu for the size, color and type. However, you can also order customized wall vent for a kitchen in personalized patina color and appliance size. Any of our designs can be manufactured as a wall mount, depending on the requirements of the homeowners. The cooper is an extraordinary material, long-lasting and incredibly chic. This metal was extracted in Mexico for centuries so it was a natural decision to make our hood production line in Michoacan region which is the heart of Mexico copper-smith production. The location of our plant gives us an advantage over the American or European brands as far as the competitive price is concerned as the workforce is much cheaper but still, you can expect no less than excellence from our craftsmen. That is why we are proud to highlight that in the last few years we have become the top manufacturer of metal appliances and our flagship product are broad varieties of copper range hood online outlet.

A copper kitchen hood for the wall will become a key element in your kitchen, the one anyone sees first while stepping into the room. Rustic style eating area will be in a need of a farmhouse copper hood which is our strong market positioning. You can not go wrong with a classic vibe hood hand-hammered and with a beautiful vintage patina. It will look stunning placed within wooden cabinets for instance. On the other hand, the stove hood can have an industrial flair. Just choose a polished option for finishing and perhaps some lighter color and more minimalist form. Imagine a rich mix of all-white kitchen and a simple design of a wall mount hood placed in the central area.

We always provide new style in copper kitchen hood category for wall incorporating newest designing trends and also we take into an account our clients' specific instructions and those are a great addition to our cutting-edge production. We promise you that we have your ideal copper wall hood. Just check our Web page to seek new models and customize it, if needed.

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