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Hammered Copper Kitchen Extractors from Mexico

Your new home is almost ready and you are looking to fill it up with beautify and unique things? We all know that the kitchen is the most important space in the house and if you are dreaming of incredible settings, consider including our hand hammered copper kitchen extractor from Mexico. We are a reliable appliances manufacturer. Our company has been producing metal pieces since 2002 and beside metal extractors, we offer to our clients amazing custom made and exclusive bathtubs with rings, dining tables and apron sinks. As the Mexican enterprise, many of our items are influenced by a Southern and more country style that has become very trendy recently around the southern border of the USA. We manufacture and export Mexican copper extractors all over the globe for many years, conquering this vast market with thousands of satisfied clients. You can read many of the positive reviews on our Web page.

Moreover, our main offices are located in a beautiful city of Santa Clara del Cobre that is famous for the tradition of handmade range extractor craftsmanship. It is our proud to say that we are continuing this rather complicated work in metal hammering, offering the highest quality done by the professional staff. Now, the metal is graceful and flexible metals that we are working with and therefore we can create some of the stunning high ceiling copper kitchen extractors.

hand hammered copper kitchen extractor hand made in Mexico

If you want to upgrade before selling your property or you are just moving into a newly built place, any of our kitchen extractors are able to steal the show. They will become a key element and the envy of all your friends because it is not possible not to notice an appliance of such dimensions and style. And speaking about style, you can find Mexican range hood in wall mount design you desire from the most traditional, rustic, Colonial to modern, a real vanguard of this field.

However, if you like hammered copper kitchen extractors from Mexico but you still think that perhaps the height is not suitable to your ceiling or need it in a smaller size, you can order it in a custom version. Our company specialize in rustic appliances customization in size, shape and patina options. We can custom make any of our island vent hood designs. But it does not finish with the measurements, the extractor design choices are also incredibly versatile. Each ductless range hood varies in style and small details that make them one of the kind. You can choose among four patina finishing options and last but not least, add some decorative details in any metal you wish to obtain the ultimate best variant of your dreamed made-to-order kitchen extractors.

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