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Custom Copper Hood with Insert

What is a copper hood, what is insert and what precisely mean copper range hood with an insert? Let's take it with the basics. Copper vent hood is a cover installed above your range stove with the purpose of venting fumes out of the kitchen. It can do the job either by natural air flow or mechanical system help. The hood insert is an equipment installed inside the range hood extracting air. There are a variety of solutions but the most basic are integrated fan with light and filter or separate where the filter is located within the hood and the ventilator somewhere in the house attic. Then the last questions can be answered that copper hood with insert is a range hood equipped with the liner. Once installed on the kitchen wall or ceiling it is ready to exhaust your cooking smell immediately.

Customizing Copper Hood for the Insert

You can use any brand insert with custom copper hood providing it is smaller in size than the hood itself. There are also some limitations you need to keep in mind related to the insert shape so it fits inside the hood. How we make the hood ready for the insert? You have two choices. Either you buy from the insert manufacturer a liner allowing their system to be installed inside the hood, any hood. Or we will build the chassis to accommodate your exhaust system easy installation. The second option is much better because we fill up the space from underweight around the insert with the same metal the rest of the hood was produced. Also, it is less expensive than buying the kit form the insert producer. Occasionally, the question pops up, how do I know if my brand new copper hood can be complemented with a custom insert. Well, I suggest you send a drawing or pdf installation manual from the supplier to us so we can evaluate whether that particular stuff can be used with our custom copper range hoods. In most cases it does.

Rustica Copper Range Hoods with Inserts

Many Custom Copper hoods were designed with cooperation with one of the best brands in business Rustica House hoods. We use their designer copper range hood products and modify them, of course with the company knowledge. They also employ our modification ideas for their personalized kitchen projects so at the end both our firms cooperate beautifully on the custom made market and complement each other. In fact, we share one of the production facilities in Mexico where our output comes from. Since range hoods made of hammered copper come with many shapes and sizes as well as patina choices, the same design will always look different when manufactured by various companies.

rustica copper range hoos

Any Copper Range Hood Recommendations?

Even though you always need to consult your local state or municipal building department usually located at the city hall when installing in your kitchen any professional appliance such as custom range hood. They will be able to provide recommendations as far as the safety is concerned. They may include fire protection bylaws in your area. Concerning copper range hoods with an insert, they usually are position between 28 and 36 inches above the range stove. They can be installed on wall as wall mount or mounted to the ceiling in case of central kitchen island range hood version. The space between the hood bottom and the range top in most cases is up to personal preferences. If you are a tall person perhaps you should consider installing the copper hood higher so you don't bang your head into it nor abstract adequate view of the food you are in a process of preparations. There is always a limit of course. If you position your vent hood too high it will not be able to extract air properly.

What about Copper Hood Size?

Usually, you want hour extractor copper hood to be the same width as the range it is venting the air from above. Standard kitchen hood depth taken front to back is twenty four inches for both island and wall mount hoods. Occasionally, we were producing hoods with special requests to make them deeper, for example thirty two inches. Those oven hoods were meant for exceptionally large country estates and commercial restaurant kitchens. For very tall kitchen you may order your hood much taller while using the same designs. Or, add a chimney allowing sacking the fumes through it to the building ventilation system. We can construct it as an extension of the hood structure perfectly capable supporting the weight. There are so many variables influencing the copper hoods as well as that many insert suppliers where each offers unique characteristics. Always ask questions before purchasing. Large and small copper hoods are not cheap but you can save by ordering at the same time a farmhouse copper kitchen sink matching with finishing the hood. Avoid making costly mistake by ordering an appliance that is not exactly what you hand in mind nor needed.


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  • Do you make copper designer hood with fire suppression 8 ft wide…farmhouse sink to match

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