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Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Despite the fact that our stunning custom-made products benefit enormously from being part of substantial spaces, both private and business, we make an effort to be able to offer stunning options for smaller spaces such as apartments and lofts. For those who wish to revamp their interiors, as far as the copper appliances, the size does not matter. It is all about the quality, excellence of execution, and mastery of the producer. If what you need is to update the décor in a small bathroom or guest bath, here are some small bathroom decorating ideas.

small bathroom with copper

Small bathrooms are the ideal place to have a little fun with decor, and you certainly don't need to compromise because you think you will not be able to find elements that simultaneously will become a bold statement and fit in limited space. One of the most effective ideas to make a huge impact is to pick one focal item where you spend the main part of your effort and then decorate around this concept. It might be unique designs in tiling, a sassy wallpaper, or a one-of-a-kind bathroom vanity. A small, copper sink can have a big impact on your bathroom’s overall look. Our company can prepare a totally customized model for your house or apartment that will fit with, firstly, size, but also hue. You can go even further and order a sink with a relief pattern inside the basin or on the edges. Copper has a rich and warm hue that works incredibly well in the light and monochromatic interiors that most of our bathrooms are. Try complementing this look with some additional copper features such as pendant lights or sconces or the cupboard knobs, towel hooks, etc.

Do not be afraid of getting carried away while renovating a petite bathroom. Small bathroom decorating ideas can lead to surprising and creative solutions such as large artworks on the wall, playing with mirrors and natural light, or even the least expected, adding a freestanding copper bathtub. Yes, My Custom Copper offers a smaller version of our bestselling clawfoot copper tub. A shorter but deeper version of our copper tubs will provide you with the same comfort and luxury, tuning your outdated bath into a spa retreat. Lastly, as we have already mentioned-mirrors are small bathroom’ best friends. We can offer numerous models in traditional and modern mirrors with a copper frame. For smaller rooms, mirrors do a fantastic job of creating a larger perception of space. Hanging large mirrors is a very well-known idea to make a small space look bigger.

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