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Copper, Round Sinks for Smaller Bathrooms

Powder rooms or guest bathrooms are treated like the ugly duckling of the house. No one really prioritizes them and because it is the least used area of the house, we often tend to forget that a smaller bathroom can be as spectacular as any master bath. If you are keen on modernizing a small, outdated bathroom or you are decorating a new one, consider adding elements that combine beauty, functionality and comfort such as copper, round sinks for smaller bathrooms. Remember, you do not need a lot of space to make a big impact!

round copper sinks in a bathroom

Whether you are looking to do a complete makeover or transform one aspect of the space, you have to start somewhere, right? We would recommend you to define the style of your bath first. If you are a real enthusiast of a rustic touch in modern spaces, this article is for you. Our copper, round sinks seem like the perfect fixtures for the guest bathroom. We offer various designs and sizes so you do not have to compromise on style and still enjoy an easy to install and maintain the appliance. Just have a look at copper bathroom sink “Gerardo”. This handcrafted piece of metallic art features incredible and detailed work inside the basin that presents an organic and sophisticated design of tree roots. On top of that, the artisan designed it with a narrower lip to add even more earthly look to this rustic piece. Scrolling through of collection of handcrafted, copper sinks, you will soon discover that you do not have to settle for ordinary. Each sink is individually hand made by skilled artisans to provide a one-of-a-kind sink for your home. It is hand-hammered providing a unique and beautiful texture that will catch the eye of anyone in the room. Your guest will be thrilled, trust us.

round copper sinks

What else can you do to help create the illusion of a larger room? Apart from round or oval copper sinks, you might consider installing a copper, corner sink. Additionally, if your vanity has to be already smaller due to the overall size of the room, you can consider wall mounting your taps which will make you save a lot of space. Remember that the color and light can also brighten the space and make it look bigger. The copper’s natural tone adds a warm and elegant feel to its surroundings. It will pair beautifully with bright and larger tiles as this tricks an eye into seeing extensive latitude. Installing a mirror, whether it’s floor to ceiling or wall to wall can make the room look bigger. Our company offers custom copper mirrors that you will be able to match smoothly with one of our copper, round sinks for smaller bathrooms.


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