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Custom Copper Appliances

Introducing copper into your home does not mean you have to overload the decor with a metallic glam but adding custom copper appliances might be the exact amount of luxury and warmth your kitchen, bathroom or dining room needs. It is the perfect opportunity for a very trendy and elegant upgrade that will not include heavy and time-consuming remodelling works. Check out some of our handcrafted copper products, ideal for private residences in the countryside and contemporary urban lofts.

custom home appliances made of copper


The copper is one of the oldest mined materials on the planet, estimated to have been discovered as early as 9000 BC and one of the most popular material in the history of Mexican craft. The benefits of this metal are now acknowledged and its tremendous thermal and electrical conductivity make it an ideal material for bathroom and kitchen areas. Our company have been created stunning and unique designer products made from copper for many decades. Our blacksmiths mastered the complexity of this semi-precious metal so that we can offer the most one-of-a-kind copper appliances such as round and oval copper sinks, ancient-looking copper bathtubs and the multitude of modern and traditional copper range hoods. Probably you have already seen some of our handcrafted copper products but perhaps you are hesitating because you are not sure how to introduce a shiny copper element into your home decor.

custom copper kitchen


Traditionally, the copper came into modern households with kitchen cookware and plumbing pipes. Nowadays, you can find a full suite of custom copper appliances from kitchen hardware, ovens, cook-tops, mirrors or washbasins and refrigerators. If you're looking to spice up and brighten the room, a custom cooper product is definitely worth trying. You can pair one of our copper range hoods with smaller items such a visible shelve with copper pans and pots or copper toaster etc. There are thousands of styles for copper hardware as well including copper cabinet pulls and knobs. Consider as well adding a copper tabletop which can be a great statement piece in a transitional open-space kitchen. You can easily elevate the style of your dining area with the right copper tabletop paired with a large copper mirror frame. Additionally, to create a beautiful, rustic appeal-and turn typical bath into a luxurious spa experience, consider installing a free-standing custom copper bathtub. It is both a bold fashion statement and functionality since it is a heat conductor and has antibacterial properties. Lastly, to add a finishing touch in your chic bathroom, have a look at our collection of bathroom copper sinks whose styles range from Colonial, old-European to very sleek and modern.

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