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Oval Mirrors with Copper Frame

If you are an admirer of elegant and antique-looking decoration, you will definitely love our online shop that includes any style of handmade items to boost a unique atmosphere in your home. From larger appliances such as country-style copper bathtubs to the hand-hammered bathroom and kitchen sinks, My Custom Copper is the place to go when designing one-of-a-kind interiors. If you are moving into a new apartment or house and it feels like your walls need some dash of life, consider our oval mirrors with a copper frame.

copper oval mirrors
Custom copper mirrors are ideal for sprucing up living rooms, entrances, or bathrooms. Striking an oval silhouette is a perfect pick for a variety of aesthetics from traditional to glam. Oval mirrors with copper frame are a classic decoration option that can quickly turn a dull space into an appealing one. With our rustic or modern style copper mirrors, you can embellish homes that range from most traditional to contemporary ones. It is a great choice if you are looking for versatility, especially in a house where the décor is changed quite often. It will fit no matter what style you will go for. As for this model, we would highly recommend it to be hung above a bedroom vanity, console table, or end table. Copper appliances and furniture can also beautifully decorate a master bathroom or powder room. Wet ambiances are no threat to the copper surface and as a matter of fact, we also offer decorative copper sinks or copper tubs that work great in any size of a bathroom. However, a rectangular or square shape for a bathroom mirror is just more practical as you want to cover your wall behind the bathroom vanity with as much mirror as you are able.

In the past, mirrors have been treated as a useful resource for a daily beauty routine, whether it was in a bathroom or a bedroom. However, today a mirror is also seen as an important solution if a change of mood is needed. A well-positioned mirror can create brighter spaces and highlight selected areas. If hanged in front of the window, a mirror “replicates” in some way the view that is seen from a window. It also reflects the natural light that comes through windows, making the room much brighter. Our handmade copper mirrors can help you achieve stylish options, especially in living and dining rooms because the copper goes well with pretty much any color or material. Additionally, you can customize your patina finishing so your new copper mirror fits into the existing décor. Remember as well that our oval or rectangular mirrors can also be installed horizontally and vertically.

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