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Small Custom Copper Bathtub

Buying standard size copper bathroom appliances is never a serious problem but if your layout requires specific and non-standard bathtub than only a few suppliers can offer it to their customer. We are one of them and one of our exclusive services is elaborating personalized measurements for your beautifully crafted furniture including small custom copper bathtub. Therefore buying a small, rustic copper tub with CustomCopper is a painless job.

a copper bathtub for a small space bathroom

Now having an elegant and unique tub is not the only case of spacious Master bathrooms. If you want to replace an old tub or a shower because you have always dreamed of clawfoot copper tub, we can make it happen. The process of the purchase is very simple. All of our hand-hammered copper bathtubs have a size menu for available dimensions that range from 48 inches to 84 inches as a standard size. If you cannot find the size you are looking for, we will produce here in Mexico a custom copper bathtub in even smaller dimensions than those shown in the tub description. As a matter of fact, we can customize much more than size so our small custom copper bathtub can become even more personalized with unique hammered texture, shape and patina finishing.

For smaller sizes, we would recommend to our clients a soaking copper bathtub that would be usually round or oval and might be deeper than the majority to give you a spa-like feeling. Once you choose the shape of your new small custom copper bathtub, you can think of adding the final touching to transform a tub into your personal, relaxing oasis. Consider changing the patina color on the exterior and interior tub’s wall, adding some decorative rings or relief bottom lines to create an old-world look. On the contrary, for a more contemporary look, you can order a small custom copper bathtub with polished surface and some lighter patina option. Being a petite copper appliance, we can imagine this kind of copper tub installed in the more surprising layout such as lofts or spacious bedroom it will become a bold statement reflecting the homeowner’s individual taste. For a cohesive look, you can also consider adding some other copper decorative elements that will warm up any space such as copper lighting fixtures, mirrors or if it is in a bathroom- an oval or round copper sink. The copper, in general, is a perfect material if you are looking for durable solutions and high performance.

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