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Custom Copper FAQ

On regular bases we receive similar questions from our individual and commercial customers about the nature of copper used for kitchen, bathroom and restaurant products. Due to the fact, copper is a very unique metal, many buyers are not too familiar with its unique characteristics. We decided to make a conversation with one of our contractors specializing in custom copper furnishings to provide some insides related to copper vent hoods, sinks, counters and tabletops.

What are Custom Copper products made of?

Custom kitchen and hammered copper bathroom sinks are produced from 99.8% pure copper. Even though slight fraction of other metals is present and unavoidable, it has no impact on the way copper behaviors while exposed to oxygen nor weakens mechanical resistance.

There is a lot of experience when copper is concerned. It has been used by humans for handmade hardware and fixtures around a house for a number of millenniums. Nowadays, its common application is in fabrication of copper wiring, copper plumbing elements, copper tubing for water and air conditioning equipment. The production process leaves substantial waste in form of scrap that is salvaged and melted down for further reuse. In fact, our own melting and copper sheeting facility in Mexico produced sufficient amount of copper for all our furniture, copper tubs and sinks as well as custom range hood production. In general, in controlled environment such as ours, there is no difference in purity of material used for manufacturing processes between so called pure and recyclable copper.

How strong is Copper Sink, Hood and Tabletop?

Strength of copper can be compared with steel for automotive sheet production. Similarly, both metal for car production and copper forming get stronger during the production processes making it hard and resistant to any physical damage caused by outside force. Important variable is product shape and how the forces within are transmitted and their direction. It is obviously tightly connected with gauge, We use various copper thickness depending on the products. For example our vent hoods are made of iron frame covered with sixteen gauge copper sheeting. Since it is hammered, the real thickness may differ depending on the precise location the measurement is taken. Custom copper bathroom sinks are handmade of twenty one, kitchen sinks 16 while their aprons thicker fourteen and copper bathtubs either 14 or 16. It depends on the buyer preferences as then thicker metal adds to the tub price. Dining tabletops are made of particle board or plywood which used usually for restaurant furnishings, it is stronger. Table shaped wood material is covered with 21 gauge copper from the top, sides and it lips an inch underneath. There are no sharp edges and no moisture can penetrate the top unless it gets from below. Still, we spray exposed bottom with dark oil paint to make it water proof.

custom copper for kitchen range hood, bathroom sink and restaurant table


Will my Custom Copper Furnishings rust?

Copper will rust in natural way when exposed to moisture and air. Some copper products such as kitchen hoods and sinks can be hand polished what makes them more prone to oxidation. In those cases to maintain luster appearance you will need to clean it more frequently. The alternative is spraying copper table-tops or hoods with transparent varnish making the finishing permanent. This methods perhaps is no viable for kitchen sinks but all other copper products are hundred percent applicable. On the other hand if any copper hood, sink or table with any patina is scratched, it will expose natural copper color. Don't wary. In time it will begin darkening under naturally and the bright sport will equalize with the rest of the product finish. It can be accelerated with home made remedy by placing regular consumption vinegar wet towel for a few houses on the effected area.

How do you get a Range Hood, Table-top and Sink Green?

Customized copper kitchen range hoods and copper sinks do not become green under normal conditions. Perhaps cleaning supplies such as soap containing some acid could possible oxide in any other than typical for aging copper dark coffee color. What we need is salt to achieve desired green copper effect. Take it for example a Statue of Liberty look which was made from pure copper. Since it is day and night exposed to ocean breeze which includes among others chloride salt, it produces this beautiful green-blue patina instead of the antique style look. It is the way in fact we make our stove hoods and restaurant furniture colored green. Of course, we do not bring our output to the beach but use the idea for exposing copper to similar salts. Then, to preserve the finish we often use varnish so the product doesn't incur any further changes because of the elements.

Custom Copper safe around Kitchen and Bathroom?

custom copper copper dining table

Just think about all the copper tubing you have inside the house. You do drink tap water, isn't it? Well, it is the best answer for the questions whether custom made copper products are safe for domestic and restaurant use. Keep in mind that household products either for consumption or maintenance can provoke reaction with your copper range hood or sink. However, any discoloration caused by them will desperate in natural process. Just give it some time. If you have any comments or would like to add some extra information to this post please feel free to get in touch with Custom Copper or simply leave your reply below the post.

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