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Make a statement in any room with the eye-catching design of our hand-hammered, copper mirrors. Perfect for your living room, dining room, bedroom or bathroom, the unique style and finish of our mirror frames create the perfect accent piece to any of our other hand-hammered copper products. As a handmade, copper mirror frame supplier, we understand the needs of our clients and try to offer the most customized experience you can find on the market.

copper mirror frames

/>It is not easy to find an antique-looking mirror that would also have a high-quality finishing. Mass production has made popular mediocre, decorative items that will not stand the pass of time. With authentic and artisan companies like ours you can get the most sophisticated copper mirror frames in rectangular, oval and round shapes and with various patina color options as well as hammering techniques. With a broad range of frame options, from sleek and modern to rustic and distressed, the decorative copper frames can transform a mirror into a statement piece of unique decoration that can help you to boost the style of your home. Being a handmade, copper mirror frames supplier we acknowledge the role of hand-made designing elements that represent high-design accents in any style home, from rustic or farmhouse to eclectic and contemporary. Even a minimalist décor needs some splashes of warm hues and shiny, bright materials just like copper. From private apartments and large residences to hotel lobbies and chic offices, all spaces might benefit from installing a made-to-order, copper mirror that will brighten the room and make it look bigger than it is in reality.

Most people consider antique style mirrors made of hammered copper as a rustic decorative element greatly improving home appearance. However, apart from the stunning look, mirrors can help in many more aspects of the home layout. They will make the room look larger and brighter so they are an indispensable item in smaller apartments or darker spaces. Often, bathrooms do not have windows or a very small source of natural lighting. It is when a one-of-a-kind mirror that additionally can be made upon an individual order comes in handy. There are many options for metallic frames, however, as copper mirror frames supplier, we guarantee that each of our products is made by skilful and experienced artisans that continue the tradition that reaches centuries as copper had been an important metal for Mexican craft even in the pre-Hispanic times. Wonderfully adorned handmade copper mirrors coordinate easily with sustainable and natural materials such as stone, marble and mood. They also fit with other exquisite metals such as iron or brass.

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