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Rectangular Copper Mirrors

With all that is happening in the word recently, one of the biggest trends in 2021 interior designing is the” cottagcore” that offers us a romanticized interpretation of western farmhouse life. We should be looking to simplify our décor, decorate it with natural and sustainable things and seek harmony with nature. The custom copper products endorse organic and earthy lifestyle. Consequently, adding rectangular copper mirrors in your home will provide a beautiful vintage feel, brighten up the darkest rooms (if hanged in front of the source of natural light) and generally, upgrade any décor.

natural copper mirrors

Since the pandemic started, we can sense a feeling of nostalgia for the rustic way of life. We all want to move back to the countryside, especially those who live in big cities with large population. However, many homeowners do not have a second residency in the country, and we have to learn how to make the most out of what we have, whether it is a modest, city apartment or semi-detached house. Mirrors are great allies in terms of quick and effective home transformations. Any space will look more sophisticated with a custom-made copper mirror. It is a high-design accent that will fit in any style bedroom, dining-room, bathroom, or entry hall. Our collection of vintage copper frames includes oval and rectangular copper mirrors that are designed by skilful Mexican coppersmiths. Continuing a long-time tradition, most of our creations have an old-world charm that adds rustic, Colonial vibe to your interiors, improving the general ambience. However, you can also find modern rectangular copper mirrors to enhance the beauty of your home with style to match today's trends.

Where can you incorporate our hand-hammered copper mirrors? An accessory of this class pairs incredibly well with copper bathroom sinks that are also our speciality. Imagine an extraordinary bathroom vanity composed of copper mirror and sink. Not only will it spruce up your space, but it is also a clever way to add warmth and brightness. A mirror adds instant glow to a bathroom by reflecting light around the room (both natural as light bulb). If your lobby feel small and cramped and dark, a hand-made copper mirror will help you to bring life into this space and make it look bigger.  It is always quite convenient to be able to check out final look before leaving home. Rectangular copper mirrors can also boost an artistic feel in your dining room or bedroom. You can highlight a metallic presence by adding an elegant copper dining room table. Hang copper mirrors among your photo or paintings wall collection- wow effect is guaranteed!

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