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Old West Style Copper Bathtubs

There are plenty of elegant and comfy tubs that make excellent centerpieces for a Master bath, no matter how small or large it is. However, if you are looking for a real show stopper, nothing can beat vintage copper bathtubs that remind us of the “good old days”. Treat yourself to unforgettable soothing moments in one of our old West style copper bathtubs that embody the beauty of simplicity that allured the pioneers in the XIX century.
old west copper bathtub

With decades of experience in specialist copper manufacture and design, we pride ourselves on creating tubs of exceptional quality and beauty. Using a combination of traditional artisan techniques and modern innovation our purpose is to transform the function into beauty, the ordinary to extraordinary and routine into an absolute pleasure. If the old-world feel is what you are looking for to update your bathroom, consider old west style copper bathtubs. We offer a broad range of styles, shapes and custom measurements to meet our customers' needs. Hand-hammered by our master coppersmiths, each and every bathtub is a unique work of art. Available in an array of copper patina finishes, our range of custom made copper baths are pure luxury by design. They might seem like a fancy addition but you are receiving a unique copperware product that needs very little maintenance, and are solid and strong enough to outlast your house. They also include numerous benefits that set them apart from any other kind of tub. Firstly, Copper bathtubs are solid, heavy, have very thick walls, and are resistant to corrosion and decay. The natural copper might transform through the time but if you order your hand-forged copper bathtub treated with one of our patina finishes, the hue will remain for decades. The copper is also naturally hygienic and antibacterial which is probably the essential property of this warm and glowing metal. That makes them not only self-repairing but also, to a certain extent, self-cleaning. Even tubs with a weathered, antique finish possess the same antibacterial qualities.

The most desirable model within our old West style copper bathtubs is a freestanding copper tub. Being able to install your new tub anywhere you want gives you endless decorating possibilities. Choose between single-ended and double sleeper for your maximum comfort and privacy. A gentle slope for back and shoulder support in a single-ended bathtub is perfect for a lonely cowboy. On the other hand, if you are planning to share relaxing baths a double-ended copper bathtub will provide plenty of room for two.

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