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Decorative Copper Oval Sink

What if we tell you that you can actually create a sense of luxury and timeless elegance in your bathroom by adding just one piece of furniture- a beautifully artisan-made copper sink. A unique piece of the decorative copper oval sink will make a great vanity for master baths, powder rooms and lavatories. Additionally, with My Custom Copper, our clients get to choose the size, shape, patina finish and texture by which any style bathroom can be endorsed with an exclusive statement piece that is both functional and stunning.

copper sinks for a decorative bathroom

All our custom copper products are made of premium quality copper that is both mined and worked in Mexico. This is an important fact that makes us very proud to be able to preserve and continue one of the oldest and most renowned crafts of this beautiful country. The copper homeware had been used centuries before the Spaniards introduced their European methods of working with metals. Nowadays, we like to think that our hand-hammered copper washbasins, whether bathroom sinks or farmhouse apron sinks express the extraordinary fusion between those two words. On that note, many of the designs are directly inspired by Mexican indigenous art and customs. Have a look at a decorative copper oval sink called “Gerardo”. It evokes the amazing landscapes of Southern Mexico with exuberant jungles and hidden ruins. How do we decorate our copper oval and round sinks? Many are hand-hammered to achieve a beautiful textured finish, while others have a decorative design embossed into the surface. With artistry and skill, this metal is molded into an oval, circular, or rectangular-shaped copper sink.

We also offer various ways of installation so the clients could have a broad option of how to display their metallic washbasins. You can order a drop-in copper sink, or a copper undermount lavatory sink, or a copper vessel bathroom sink. Regardless of the type, timeless elegance is always succeeded. Our copper bathroom sinks can be ordered in various patina finishes that will conceal minor scratches and blemishes that may occur over time. The patina alters the appearance of the sink as it oxidizes and darkens over its lifetime. Varying copper tones will turn each sink into a unique masterpiece. They are equipped with a 1 1/2 inch drain suitable for connecting with any standard plumbing hardware. Our copper bathroom sinks can be optionally furnished with drain-back preventing water from overflowing the sink edge.

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