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Rustic Copper Mirrors from Mexico

When thinking about a high-quality rustic decoration, Mexico comes to mind as the best source. Skilled artisans specializing in metalwork, pottery and textile have been following steps of their skilful ancestors that have been integrating the endemic techniques with those coming from Europe and Asia throughout the centuries. Nowadays, thanks to the globalisation of shipping and the internet, you can enjoy Mexican, artisan quality in your home, regardless of your postcode. Rustic copper mirrors from Mexico are of our best-selling products. Oval, rectangular or round, with polished surface or unique hammered texture, fall in love with our authentic Mexican copper custom products that will help you decorate your apartment or house in timeless sophistication.

rustic copper mirror

Our designer mirrors enhance authentic Mexican art and the charm of vintage style. Whether we talk about copper bathroom sinks, copper dining tables or handmade copper mirrors, most of our designs are inspired by Colonial and Hacienda style that works perfectly for rustic settings. Rustic copper mirrors from Mexico offer many and very different looks. Every year we introduce new models that many times follow the latest trends in interior design and on other occasions, are inspired by some vintage gem that we have discovered. The broad collection of handcrafted copper mirrors brings on an individual style that represents the taste of the homeowner. Your bedroom and bathroom are almost certain to feature at least one mirror each, and living rooms, kitchens and hallways can benefit from them as well. Use antique copper mirrors in any space that needs a little extra light or a touch of luxury. With their ornate frames, rustic patterns and distressed patches, rustic copper mirrors can transform any room's style instantly. In a home decorated in vintage or farmhouse style, these items fill spaces with glamour and can become a perfect complement to our copper, oval and round bathroom sinks.

Mirrors are not only decorative elements that might add a lot of character but they also make any space look bigger and brighter. The interior designers know all the tricks that can help show your space in the best way so we would definitely recommend you to have a look at professional designed and staged rooms for your inspiration. Apart from the stunning look, mirrors can help in many more aspects of the home layout. They will make the room look larger and brighter so they are an indispensable item in smaller apartments or darker spaces. Often, bathrooms do not have windows or a very small source of natural lighting. It is when a one-of-a-kind mirror that additionally can be made upon an individual order comes in handy. Yes, our rustic copper mirrors can be fully customized. You can send us a design with size specification and our expert coppersmith will elaborate a decorative copper mirror, ideal for your needs and style. You can for instance order a copper mirror that fits your freestanding copper bathtub's look to create a unique and luxurious décor.

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