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Mexican Soaking Copper Tubs

When you want to create a luxurious bath environment with a Southern twist, there is no better way than adding Mexican soaking copper tubs into your bathroom setup. Nowadays people tend to choose a shower over a tub but what if you could have both. Use the shower for your daily care when you are busy and time-sensitive. However, a beautiful, handmade copper bathtub will be your oasis when you need an extra dose of comfort and relax. Handcrafted by our talented coppersmiths in the heaviest gauge, lead-free copper, any My Custom Copper tub will make you feel like a royal.

soaking copper tub

Copper soaking tubs were popular among the 18th-century French aristocracy. Since then the deluxe market for bathroom appliances has seen so many new trends and styles but the classic old-looking and extremely comfortable copper bathtubs have never gone outdated. Our company is heavily influenced by the metalsmith tradition of Mexico and the Hacienda or colonial style of home décor. That is why you will be able to find many Mexican soaking copper tubs that feature fancy slopes to rest your head and back in a soothing, long bath, decorative bottom rim and convenient rings where you can leave your towel. On top of all of those stunning characteristics, our copper tubs can be customized to suit your space and design. We can adopt a specific model to your size, shape and patina finishing requirements. The most noticeable difference between our custom made copper tubs is if they are designed for one or two person's use. The double sleeper tub has both sides of the body with elevated slopes for greater comfort. Larger tubs designed for two bathers will most often have the hole cut out right on the centre. It makes using the bathtub much more convenient. On the other hand, a Mexican soaking tub intended for one user will have a drain hole located on the bottom at one end. Also, one of the sides will be made higher than the other but this, of course, depends on the customer's taste.

Through years of skill and experience passed down from many generations of Mexican artisans, the result is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Made from high-quality copper, the Mexican, soaking copper bathtubs bring warmth to any style bathroom and upgrade any décor. Consider adding a matching hand-hammered, copper sink that will complement this vintage feel to perfection. You should take into account that copper is amazingly easy to maintain. Fingerprints do not show as they will on stainless steel and other metals. For basic cleaning, simply use soap and water.

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