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Antique Copper Tubs

Feeling uninspired while creating your bathroom interior design? Whether your style is rustic or modern chic, be ready to soak in our fancy and hammered antique copper tubs for a bathroom that will become an element you need to build your comfy but elegant retreat. The rough bronze of old European copper bathtub will make it a focal point. It has the charm that allures anyone, even those who are declared enthusiasts of showers over the made-to-order bathtubs. I mean a shower is great for when you are in a hurry but if you intend to enjoy your bath that’s when beautifully crafted tubs comes in hand.

If you are dreaming of relaxing bath each night in a vintage bathtub that takes you into another era, our hammered antique copper bathtubs collection have it all. We offer all shapes, styles and decorative details in bathtubs so it does not really matter if your bathroom is already embracing a vintage flair or it is, a spa, it will upgrade your room’s decor. And being such an important part of the room, you should buy for a prime area. The vintage copper tubs look amazingly as a free-standing in the middle of your loft or a spacious bedroom. They can be this warm and bright element you consider in colder and more minimalist layouts of contemporary design.

Wonderful news is that you have a vast or small and dark, you can still find a perfect antique copper tubs for you. A big bathroom with a free standing tub installed in a key spot is a central piece you desire. The bronze color of the hand hammered copper sink goes perfectly with wooden floors and vintage, shabby furnishing.

If the room does not get so much natural light, you can opt for a tub correct patina finish or ordered it polished. Shiny polished copper tubs can brighten the space, making you forget about the lack of lighting and secondly, it will make you feel so empowered like you were in your own, lush spa. If you are styling a bathroom and you want it to be glamorous, this kind of tub is a must. If it is a modest size, you can order custom made tub that will fit and you can go with patina options that suit it.

Any of our hammered antique copper tubs for a bathroom will quickly convert the most unique household furnishing of your entire home and one that you will be spending ours with. No necessity to fill your house with flashy decorative elements. Your brand new custom tub alone will definitely be that shining star.

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