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Small Copper Bathroom Sinks

Those who believe that a bathroom needs to have a massive and hardy double copper sink to be stunning did not get to know our wonderful small copper sinks. Maybe your bathroom is short in meters or you just prefer a smaller size vanity, whichever your case is, we can help you to find the ideal sink. With pretty lines and unexpected finishes, our small copper bathroom sinks oval and round from Mexico without any doubt will make a statement piece no less spectacular than bigger sinks. They are perfect for making your powder room feel stylish and cozy. Some of them are also much more affordable too as the price is based on the material used in the project.

a small oval copper sink in a bathroom

Check our collection of undermount copper kitchen sink where we offer several standard sizes ranging from small to extra-large. Small copper bathroom sinks are oval, rectangular or a vessel type with a beautiful vintage flair. Some of them may have around front. The oval shape is perhaps the most popular among our clients as it is quite ergonomic and leave space for other pieces of furniture. You can install your new hand-washing station as a wall-mount or counter mount (drop-in or undermount). The difference between drop-in and undermount type is in the sink lip. It can be either flat or round. The first one can be used for installing your copper sink under the counter only. As for the pedestal bathroom sinks, we do not offer them in the copper version but made of hand-painted Mexican ceramic. Anyway, it is not recommended for smaller rooms as it steals a lot of floor surface. Consider another great solution as well for irregular shaped which is a corner mount copper sink.

In general, our handcrafted products in their majority can be custom-made which means that we can manufacture any sized sink for you. Send us the specifications and our excellent artisans will prepare it for you. As far as the style is concerned, our Mexican copper bathroom sinks range from very traditional to ultra-modern. The classic line is inspired by the Spanish and Mexican craft with richly ornamented basin and copper sink fronts. The designs feature forms of animals among them horses, bulls, fishes, flowers and plants and some iconic symbols like a star, fleur de lis and folkloric patterns. The contemporary flair is brought with clear lines and modern-looking patina finishes. In each of the copper sink designs, you can select dark or light patina. You can get an oxidized effect with an amazing green tone or order it polished for a shining and bright look. Perhaps, the latter is the best option for an edgy décor with minimalist lines and voguish bathroom fixtures.

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