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Copper Home Improvement Products

You have already invested a lot of money products for remodeling your residence, with great architectural ideas, best material and appliances. Why not spending little extra for you custom copper home improvement products as well. Your taste and your imagination are going to be your only restraint as our company will lead you and support you through the process of customization of the chosen custom copper product.

custom copper range hood

Let’s say you want to turn your bathroom into an antique paradise with a soaking tub but the measurements of products you are searching for are far from standard. No worries. You can order it totally customized with us. Whether those are the dimensions or shape on the exterior or interior of the basin or just the decorations, we can apply your exact specifications and create something unique and entirely yours. We specialize with elegant and versatile materials including zinc, iron or tin. Some of them among them replacement hardware, can be easily modified to form you are seeking others requires more professional approach but our local artisans know their craft very well and they will hammer their way out from most complicated custom copper home improvement products.

custom copper bathtub

What is more, our work is hand-made what makes our custom copper household products authentic and incredible looking as there are no products that come from our workshop that would look exactly the same as the rest. The above photo shows a beautiful backslash presenting a stunning Victorian pattern. This kind of artistic metalwork is our specialization. We do not use any presses nor forms to make the design. It can be applied to decorate any size copper kitchen sink apron or stove hood lower bend. All elements beginning from the smallest decorative segments of the artwork are made by hand by skilled artisans employing traditional tools and production techniques. If you have any questions about our custom products and custom fixtures, do not hesitate to call or write your comments below this blog post.

custom copper bathroom sinks

Custom Copper Production Facility

CustomCopper and its brand is Mexico based producer of copper range hoods, sinks, bathtubs and dining tables. Our Internet outlet offers brand new kitchen, bathroom and restaurant furnishings made-to-order using buyer's specifications. You can also select one of the ready designs listed on our online store detail pages and instruct personalizing it. Such variables as patina color and finishing can get fully customized with almost all products that we are selling. Our prices are highly competitive but the quality is incomparable due to the long tradition in hand-crafted metalwork in Mexico.

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