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Luxurious Copper Bathtubs

When you think about treating yourself to a relaxing day-off at home what comes to mind is a romantic dinner, a read in the garden, or a soak at the end of a long day. However, you only might achieve the ultimate spa experience while sinking into a comfortable and stunning tub. You will never get this feeling in the shower, believe us! Get an even more exclusive soak with luxurious copper bathtubs. Custom copper home appliances offer simultaneously endurance and state-of-art designs that will catch the eye of anyone visiting your home. Keep reading to know why make-to-order copper bathtubs symbolize opulence and sophistication.

custom copper bathtubs in the USA

Made entirely from high gauge copper, our copper bathtubs are hand-forged, polished, and then sealed, giving each bath a unique hand-finished look. The customer might customize the final look of the chosen tub’s model, gaining this way a truly unique statement fixture that usually is installed in bathrooms but can also boost a relaxing feel in bedrooms or open space lofts. Even though we associate stand-alone copper bathtubs with large and extravagant bathrooms, homeowners with smaller baths should not give up on having their own relaxing retreats. Copper tubs work very well in smaller spaces and can be positioned next to a wall and still create plenty of drama. Just order a custom-made size bathtub that will complement your existing setup. Copper’s alluring glow will add brightness and make your bathroom look bigger. If you are preparing your property for sale it is a common truth that a house with tubs will sell much quicker and easier than the one that fits only showers. Luxurious copper bathtubs can also boost your business as most customers would rather choose a hotel room with a breathtaking freestanding tub than a designer shower.

If all those facts did not convince you that you need a hand-hammered copper bathtub in your life, just have a look at an extensive and diverse collection of copper tubs we have on offer. Freestanding soaking, double grand slipper, drop-in or clawfoot bathtubs are available with a copper patina of choice and with optional over-flow built in. The latest trend is the freestanding tub with fancy claws that become a focal point of any style of bathroom. The comfortable forms of a double sleeper invite for long and relaxing baths. Another popular choice is a vintage and simple-looking copper bathtub that reminds the early days of this bathroom appliance, back in the 18th century. This kind of classic and rustic look might work amazingly as a contrast to very modern even industrial settings. The copper appliances are proven to be functional as well as effortlessly stylish. They have many natural benefits for our health and our wallet but first and foremost, they can create a beautiful focal point, with the height of luxury and the utmost attention to detail.

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