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Double Wall Copper Bathtubs


If your dream of a free-standing bathtub but you are a little bit hesitant because rustic is not your cup of tea, have a look at our sleek and contemporary double wall copper bathtubs which represent a very modern twist on a classic all-time favorite- antique copper baths.



double wall copper tub



In general, there are two main types of bathtubs you can find in our online store: double slipper bathtubs, a model which has both ends raised, recreating a human silhouette and then the soaking bathtub which is much deeper than the others offering an ultimate spa moment. The double wall copper bathtubs are in the majority made as soaking tubs, designed for long and satisfying baths. And because the copper retains the heat of the water longer than any other material, your special moments of the lush home spa can last as long as you wish. There are many benefits of the copper appliances that are making them more advantageous. For instance, copper is a naturally anti-bacterial material so cleaning and maintaining hand-made copper sinks or tubs will save you a lot of time. Additionally, this precious metal's patina transforms with time, bringing even more spectacular visual effects. If you are keen on keeping the same look through decades you can order your personalized copper bathtub with one of our custom patina finishing. The color and texture can have an immense influence over the general style of your bathtub. Have a look at "Boston" double-walled copper tub. It has a simple, rounded shape but it was finished with a dark patina which will add warm, country feel to the overall bathroom's decor. On the other hand, the "New Mexico" model that is designed as a soaking type tub with an oval shape, looks much more up-to-date. It is a perfect addition to urban, industrial and minimalistic spaces. A free-standing, double wall copper bathtubs are a perfect idea for boosting a modern interior design.


Made-to-order copper bathtubs are manufactured in few places in the world which also means it is not so easy to find them, especially elaborated with the highest standards. Our company is one of the biggest and most reliable suppliers of modern-rustic copper bathtubs and being located in Santa del Cobre (central Mexico) gives us the opportunity to offer to our customer one of the most competitive prices for the highest quality material and metalwork. As fully customizable, buyers have a number of options to customize their double wall copper bathtubs with color and dimensions. For example for those homeowners who are dreaming about copper tubs but are concerned about the size of their bathroom, we can offer them smaller size tubs that are made specially designed for limited spaces. For that reason, this is a versatile product that can be enjoyed in large residencies as well as in smaller apartments.


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