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Hammered Copper Products

Discover the versatile beauty of our hammered copper products that will most definitely add value to the home. Despite their tough exteriors, polished hammered copper appliances and furnishings bring elegance and warmth to any style household. My Custom Copper is one of the greatest suppliers of high-quality copper products ranging from considerably sized range hoods, sinks, bathtubs to smaller, embellishing details such as copper mirrors or tabletops made of this fabulous and durable metal.

large copper table for dining room and kitchen

During the renovation, hammered copper fixtures and appliances can be used to provide natural warmth and high-end appeal. But there are other reasons besides the aesthetics, to consider hammering copper. Let see further benefits of hammered copper products. If you consider choosing copper for your bathroom, we are telling you that you have a great instinct! The handcrafted, copper sinks and tubs provide warming, a sophisticated glow that could be easily incorporated into different styles to add an element of elegant, cool luxury. This metal goes to perfection with marble and tiled walls of a bathroom and adds warmth to usually cold-white outlays of a bathroom. However, the most important feature of a hammered copper fixture in an environment that you want to keep clean is that copper has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help to minimize the presence of harmful micro-organisms and also, it keeps the temperature of water warmer than any other material so you can have those long and relaxing baths.

As for the hammered copper in your kitchen or dining room, rooms that we spend most of our family time, the good news is that this metal guarantees you uncomparable durability. You will be able to enjoy your copper range hood or copper dining table for many years and many cooking adventures. It is also very easy to clean and maintain any copper appliance, especially if it has a patina cover that protects additionally the color you have chosen. Almost all of our hammered copper products have broad customization options (in size, hammering techniques and patina finishing). If you go for a natural patina, once again, the copper brings a wonderful surprise. This reddish-brown metal has a living finish that will repair itself over time if it is damaged. Therefore, you can see that copper is a versatile, attractive and infinitely useful material that can be applied in a multitude of ways. Thanks to its flexibility, we are able to create real pieces of blacksmith craft.

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