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Freestanding Copper Tub with Decorative Base

Are you thinking to upgrade your Master bath but without long and laborious remodeling? A stunning, freestanding copper tub with a decorative base can add a feeling of luxury and comfort in an instant. For that, you should choose a manufacturer of quality copper tubs that uses thick material and best finishing. Our company has been elaborating custom copper appliances for decades, achieving great prestige, with thousands of satisfied clients. All of the hand-forged copper tubs are made by coppersmiths that are using authentic, centuries-old techniques, great care and creative mind.

copper bathtub in a bathroom


You can find various types of custom copper bathtubs on our Web page but generally, we could divide them between freestanding or drop-in. Not everyone can have enough space to accommodate a stand-alone appliance but the good news is that we can elaborate a custom size for your bathroom. Smaller tubs are also available to bring the metallic glamour into your décor. Meet some of our more delightful freestanding models. The copper tub “Austin” will turn into a stunning centerpiece of your bathroom, your favorite place to spend a rainy afternoon with a glass of wine and candlelight. What it makes it an extraordinary piece of art is not only the hammering technique and copper itself, the decorative base of this freestanding copper tub ensures that it will be the shining focal point of any bathroom. This design features a graceful base with riveted bands along the plinth and metallic rings that add a countryside feel to it. The spacious interior and hammered copper detailing are perfect for a long soak. Another spectacular model is a double-slipper “San Diego” that allures with hammered and intricate detail on its majestic plinth. It also features horizontal, petite rivets to complement the antique copper finish beautifully.


The great part of our copper tubs is manufactured as stand-alone. That is the most trendy and beloved model nowadays. Our hand-crafted appliances come in many shapes, sizes and designs. From Baroque, Victorian, modern to old country style. You can buy a copper vintage tub and find same style copper bathroom sinks to create a harmonious look. A lot of styles are based on antique tubs used in Europe two centuries ago in the finest of mansions. Today we offer you an affordable product with all the details of a lush and exclusive product that can be accommodated in both contemporary and traditional bathrooms. This juxtaposition of a rustic and quite traditional look of a copper hand-made bathtub with modern materials and appliances will create a wow effect that you are looking for. Within the freestanding designs, you can choose between copper tubs with decorative base or clawfoot. A beautifully decorative base with hand-hammered designs, horizontal ribbing and rivets makes any tub an eye-catching piece for any home.

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