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Copper Household Products

Some of you are considering purchasing copper household products or would like to add other copper items to those you already have. They may include a luxury copper bathtub or a custom made copper range hood for your kitchen wall or island. The obvious question popups. Is it justifying the cost? Perhaps you are at the point to making a decision and need some extra help to finalize your order. Many buyers are aware of the value but still would like to know the most important pros. Here are a few notes about copper household products for home improvement and why they are worth paying for them.

They are Wonderful

Perhaps we can begin with the most obvious attributes characterizing the metal. Copper products are really wonderful and they appear more expensive than they cost. Wide selection of texture and patina colors will personalize the furnishing for any type of interior.  In most cases, custom copper products become instant focal points.

They are Timeless

It is not just the exterior look of the copper products justifying the price. Items made of copper are durable and will not show edging when cared for property. Please keep in mind that your hammered copper sink, tabletop, tub or extractor will serve you for an extended period of time. Household products manufactured from copper are not going to denigrate as the other materials do.

Health Friendly

Copper is human health friendly. It posses antimicrobial characteristics that help combating bacteria. Fabricating home furnishings and hardware from copper is making the items much healthier.

Maintaining Value

Copper belongs to semi-precious metals. It doesn't have value of gold or platinum, however, it is a shinny well presenting metal. It is also relatively soft. It make possible to create various complicated forms in decoration category as well as complicated elements that can be added to the handcrafted copper vent hood, free standing bathtub or dining table.

Then and Now

Copper was used for producing furnishings and kitchen appliances for a long time now. As it was then it is nowadays, they are rustic showing old European style. A lot of product designs made in Mexico display Spanish heritage. They are often used in hacienda style residences of South of the US as well as other regions of the world.

Custom Copper Output

custom made household  copper products

We believe that after reading this short description of our output attributes, you are closer to deciding about furnishing your household with custom copper products. It is worth to mention that our production can be customized for shape, color, size and look. There wouldn't be any extra charge unless we have to use for your master piece significantly more copper. Otherwise, small modifications will not impact the final price. Still, if you are disappointed with the product after it was delivered to your home, you can return it for refund no questions asked. Beside our standard collections in area of vent hoods, bathroom sinks and tables, we specialize in copper production. Provide your drawing of the items, state the purpose of it and finishing. We will get you our best and at the same time competitive quote.

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