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Replacement Copper Dining Tabletops

Upgrading Dining and Eat-in Kitchen Tables

Are you thinking about transforming your interiors without heavy works that would turn your home into a battlefield? Replacement copper tabletops could be what you are looking for to add a small change but that can have a big impact on the overall layout of your dining room. The table is a core of each home. Is where everybody gathers to eat which we basically do couple times a day. It is where you invite your friends for a coffee in the afternoon or a cold beer at night. At the same time, you do not want to get rid of your high quality table base. We have a quick fix for your needs. Take a look at our extensive collection of replacement copper tabletops by visiting dining furnishing product section in our online dining kitchen furnishing store

made by custom copper tabletops

Copper Tabletop Use

Just by examining features of a copper tabletop will give you a considerable scope for creative interior architectural ideas. It is definitely a very noticeable element so you would want to place it in a center whether it is a dining room or a spacious kitchen or a sheltered patio. This metal is perfect as rustic furniture offering converting your interiors into hacienda and vintage old world environment. Replacement kitchen copper tabletops with rustic twist are a must in that arrangement. They are used for furnishing colonial and country style decorated dining areas. Forged iron chairs, mirrors, black iron chandeliers and beautiful Mexican ceramics, all manufactured by our company. All of them or some will insert some Southern flavor beside other ideas.

Tabletop Style and Design

On the other hand, you can imagine made for replacement copper tabletops in a clean, contemporary design which meets more industrial style. Tastefully designed for a minimalist aesthetic, this copper tabletop can add sophisticated contrast to a generous size dining room or in public bars, diners and restaurants. We make our copper tabletops of plywood instead of particle board. It is much stronger and works better in a unique commercial furniture category.

Production of Copper Tabletops

We maintain production of a variety of designs in replacement copper table-tops. Since each item we sell is handmade, our customers can choose the size and patina finishing. Our tabletops are available in fired finishing that gives the most rustic look, dark coffee, honey, antique, polished and our brand new addition- green oxidized. As a standard, we sell our hammered copper tabletops in round, square or rectangular shape but as we specialize in made to order furnishings and appliances, our made-to-order dining tabletop can be hand crafted in an oval as well as irregular shapes. After all, the customer should send us a finished drawing and we are happy to turn it a reality. The design though should include all specifications. Replacement tabletops are made of particle board covered with a copper sheet and in if you would like to buy the whole elegant copper table, it has an iron base. Being custom made, you would wait for your cooper tabletops an average of four weeks to be delivered to the mainland US.

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