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Copper Dining Room that Lasts Forever

If you own a copper dining table, you know how elegant durable and practical it is. And while the copper is the easiest material as far as the maintenance is concerned, it will still require a little bit of care. Although copper is a resistant material, you should still be careful with what you put on your table. It might sound like a cliche but it is recommended to use coasters and trivets for hot items. If you want this family dinner to be perfect, protect your copper tabletop from hot pot and plates. The stains or losing natural patina is not the only problem that might be caused by hot temperatures. The thermal conductivity of copper tabletops is very high. This means that heat can quickly transfer onto the tabletop. For example, placing a hot-boiling pot onto the table will cause the copper tabletop to become extremely hot.

copper dininig table

Furthermore, if you want to enjoy the chosen patina finishing for many years(all our copper products have custom patina options), limit exposure to direct sunlight, as this will contribute to discolouration of your copper dining table. If the room has strong sunlight during the day, lower the curtains or close the blinds to limit the exposure of your copper table to direct sunlight. To clean your copper tabletop, dust it on a frequent basis. You do not even need to clean much with wet cloth and soap! Avoid pouring acidic drinks or placing acidic foods onto your copper table’s surface. This could eradicate the patina in the material.

The dining room table is not only a gathering place for family and friends but also a focal point in your household. If you intend to buy one that you want to enjoy for years to come without troublesome maintenance, the copper dining table is ideal. A dining table should be well designed and sturdy, accommodate many people and be of good shape and size to meet the needs of your family. If you want a table to last for years, choose a table made of solid materials you can count on, such as hardwood or metals. All of our copper dining tables are furnished with wrought iron bases handcrafted in Mexico by the best artisans. The tabletops are made of particleboard covered with hammered copper. The result is a powerful piece of furniture that is easy to care for and bring the elegance of the old-world.

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