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Decorative Copper Backsplash for Kitchen

When it comes to deciding on the look and feel of your new kitchen, adding few meaningful designing elements can provide an extraordinary finish touch to your decor. For most of us, the evident first thing to choose would be the kitchen cabinetry, however, there are many appliances such as metal range hood or farmhouse sink and kitchenware that can have as big of an impact as furnishings in the general atmosphere of a kitchen. If your kitchen needs a face-lift, the market is now offering stunning backsplash ideas to make your kitchen look luxurious, modern, and, of course, functional. Our company can help you to create a decorative copper backsplash for a kitchen that will be a desire of all your friends and family.

copper kitchen backsplash installed on the wall

Metallics have become a popular choice in kitchen design with copper, iron, and brass taking a lead. Mixing different types of metals is one of the latest trends so you can consider combining zinc or iron vent hood with a decorative copper backsplash for the kitchen. One of the more unusual splashback ideas- pure brass and copper surfaces- hold antimicrobial properties, which make them a great choice for a working kitchen. The copper backsplash can become an alluring focal point just as colorful and patterned ceramic tiles that are the most popular material for kitchens. And it is actually as easy to clean and maintain a copper surface as tiles one. It is amazing that apart from the unique aesthetic, patina color, and rich hammering texture, the custom copper products offer the highest protection from germs and other dirt. As a surface that sits behind your sink and hob, a backsplash helps protect the walls from water and grease.
The homeowner should consider choosing the backsplash style at the beginning of the home improvement project even though it will be one of the last things to install.

A kitchen splashback is a great opportunity to enhance your overall scheme and add your personality into the setup. Take into consideration factors like the size of the room, space between the cabinets and the oven, and how bright is your kitchen. In a smaller and darker kitchen, a decorative copper backsplash can help you enliven and brighten up the whole setting. If you order a polished copper, it will bring additional glam by reflecting the natural or bulb light. Additionally, it will make the room look bigger. If you are designing an open concept kitchen that blends with the dining room, have a look as well at our collection of handcrafted copper tabletops. Introducing copper elements (check out our copper kitchen sinks)  in both the cooking and dining area will bring consistency to the whole interior design. Using the same patina color for both items will make create a desirable harmony.

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